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John C. Reilly is FUNNY! July 1, 2008

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CA wine tasting video


Wine and chocolate April 1, 2008

The best wine and chocolate combination ever. Just trust me.



Photo Collage of Family Cookie Swap January 27, 2008

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Um, what’s wrong with this photo collage? Can anyone guess? Maybe the mystery can be solved when you look at Adina’s much more thorough photo collection on her flickr site.


Wine Warehouse November 25, 2007

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Matt made his first big sale to a wine distributor in North Carolina, so this weekend he had to go package it up and get it ready for the delivery truck.  I went to the warehouse with him to see what it was all about.  There are about 20 different Philadelphia-based distributors that use the space to store their products and this place was huge.  I had never seen so much wine and beer in one place.  I wandered around while Matt packaged the wine.  Here are some photos.

Matt showing off his section of the warehouse.

Cotes du Rhone!

Look at that–a 9 liter bottle of champagne!

Port from 1922.

I have got to try this stuff.

Salmon Run and Dr. Frank’s!


Matt starting his packaging.

The finished product.

These are some of Matt’s wines and sakes, if you are ever looking for something to buy:


The very unassuming warehouse and pallets out front.


While we are on the subject of wine… November 6, 2007

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Matt’s company, Star Cellars, will be hosting free tastings of their wines at some local liquor stores over the next few weeks.  Yes, this is a shameless plug.

11/16/07~Berwyn, PA

11/17/07~Paoli, PA

11/18/07~Havertown, PA

11/21/07~West Chester, PA

11/25/07~Jenkintown, PA

11/26/07~Ardmore, PA


The best wines November 5, 2007

Matt and I were in the liquor store next to Trader Joe’s over the weekend and were so excited to see two of our favorite brands of wines on their shelves.  As you may know, it is very difficult to get wine from other states into the Pennsylvania liquor stores because the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) is so strict.

The wines we saw were two types of Airlie that Matt’s company, Star Cellars, imports from Oregon, and two of Dr. Konstantin Frank‘s wines from New York State:

The wines circled on the top are Dr. Frank’s and the wines circled on the bottom are the Airlie wines.  (These photos were taken with my phone so the quality is not that great.)

Both wines are placed in the “Premium Wine” section!


Sippin by the River September 24, 2007

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Today was a great day to go to Sippin by the River at Penn’s Landing to support Crohn’s disease …and Star Cellars.  I went with a few of my friends to sample local beers and wines while Matt was working and pouring Star Cellars’ wines and sakes.  By the middle of the day, word had spread among the thousands of people there that theirs were the wines to try and the line just kept on growing.

Anita and me:


Jackie and James:

Their friend Kristen holding an impressive three glasses of beer:

Matt and me.  I am wearing my Phillies hat because there were too many Eagles jerseys popping up all over the place.