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Destination Wedding December 3, 2008

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One of my best friends got married in the Dominican Republic on Monday. I was lucky enough to be able to go and I took tons of photos. I’ll have multiple posts, but the first one will be a few shots of the newlyweds and their beautiful wedding! Congrats, you two–thank you for having me!

Anita and Georgebeautiful brideAnita and Georgerscn5076PosingHappy!cake


One year ago today… April 15, 2008

Matt was so cute–he called 88.5 WXPN this morning and dedicated songs to me. They announced it at 9:00 and I was able to hear it online from my office! I was so surprised!

Richard Thompson – Beeswing
Stargazer Lily – Crush


Wedding Season March 18, 2008

In honor of wedding season, I am advertising a new line of jewelry for brides and their bridesmaids. I just recently made a “knock-off” Maria Elena headband for someone, and loved making it. Most of the pieces will be custom made, so on my website, Simple Bangles, I’ll just have photos of example pieces I have made. I really am willing to try anything and work with the bride, bridesmaids, moms, brothers, whoever, on what exactly they want.

Since my wedding almost one year ago, I’ve learned a lot of weddings and brides. Sometimes I completely understand that people want everything about their wedding to be perfect, especially because vendors really gauge you in their costs. My goal is to create quality products for people but at a reasonable price.

This “season,” these are some of the top trends going on:

1. Lace and bead embellishments. The back of the wedding dress is the focal point this year, and both lace and beaded styles are back on the runways in criss-cross designs. Deep v-backed dresses are a popular find, and embroidered flowers are making an appearance for summer and fall.

2. Eco-friendly and organic weddings. From pesticide-free flowers to serving organic menus in the catering department, having a green wedding is both an environmentally conscious and personal choice. More couples are choosing natural fabrics and sustainable foods for their wedding day, and some are even giving their wedding gifts as donations to favorite charities.

3. Local attractions for wedding locations. Botanical gardens in the neighborhood, the city zoo, and even the local state fair are all prime locations for a unique wedding. More couples are looking at attractions and distinct settings for a more customized wedding event.

I really like those three, but if you want to read about all ten (and get a good laugh) you can read the rest of the article here

Here are some great blog posts about wedding season:

Mapgirl blog
Peanut Butter Burritto

**Update: “Celebrity Wedding and Bridal Site” just referred to this post on their site. Cool!

According to Looking Fit, the Saturday before Memorial Day is the official start of wedding season. Let the planning begin!


Help me win a safari February 16, 2008

***Update (3/24/08): Now the link doesn’t work at all–“Page Not Found” pops up. I guess that’s better than having someone else’s wedding there!***

*** Update (3/8/08): somehow The Nest lost my entry and assigned this web page to someone else. I’ve been in “negotiations” with the customer service people for days and they still can’t figure out what went wrong. Click at your own risk!***

So…I kind of entered this silly contest on the knot where you post your photos and website, people can vote, and if you win you get a safari. I want to go on a safari really badly so can you all please go to this website and vote a lot? Thank you!


A few more wedding photos January 17, 2008

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These were all taken by the professional photographer,  Ryan Estes.

My mom did my beautiful hair–it was perfect.  And I did my own makeup.  We’re not a family that needs an entourage!

I’ll post the wedding photos in small doses, but they really do need to be on this blog that is basically turning out to be my online journal.