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I Love Tomatoes September 22, 2008

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All from our garden: striped heirloom tomato salad (with a cucumber, also grown by the Palmers) and my attempt at sun-drying cherry tomatoes in the oven!


End of summer garden status September 16, 2008

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Well, I can tell that the summer is coming to an end. My once lush marigolds are dying, we are eating the last of the tomatoes, and I am trying to make as much pesto as I can before the basil goes completely to seed. We are getting a few fun striped tomatoes and some of my plants that seemed dormant all summer are now growing like wildflowers. Nature is so unpredictable!

Dead heads! So many of my marigolds are brown and moldy.

I planted these little pink and green guys in May and they are just now growing like vines.

Still life with tomato and clippers:

Someone gave me these bean seed pods and I planted them in June. Now they are producing their own seed pods–anyone want some?


Garden Update: we have red! July 24, 2008

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Finally our tomatoes are turning red! Our garden(s) are also getting a little out of control. I’ve already pulled out some herbs that went to seed, and we prune back the tomato plants almost every day, and still the plants keep a’growin’.

Bursting from the seams!

What do you think–is the lavender taking over? And maybe the sage, too? Pretty soon the mint will also be competing for space! We had no idea!!

The bees love our garden.

Matt is training the grape vine to wrap its cute little tentacles around horizontal pieces of twine:

And in the back we have a tropical jungle:

My favorite part–the mint I use for my minty ice water!


Taming the Jungle June 29, 2008

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Today Matt and I finally did something with the tomatoes in our backyard that had turned into a jungle:

Hopefully some of these will ripen soon.

Matt also made a trellis for our (his) grape vine:


June Garden June 25, 2008

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I think it’s about time for a garden update! My mom came over yesterday to help me clean up some areas and she also taught me how to edge–thanks Mom! I could have gardened all day. We were gone for 4 days and everything just went out of control–especially the tomatoes! We need to tame them with some chicken wire and stakes this weekend. We also planted some plants that Matt’s grandmother gave us, and the bean seeds that Mike gave me a few weeks ago are starting to sprout.

The day lily bloomed today: