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Help me win a safari February 16, 2008

***Update (3/24/08): Now the link doesn’t work at all–“Page Not Found” pops up. I guess that’s better than having someone else’s wedding there!***

*** Update (3/8/08): somehow The Nest lost my entry and assigned this web page to someone else. I’ve been in “negotiations” with the customer service people for days and they still can’t figure out what went wrong. Click at your own risk!***

So…I kind of entered this silly contest on the knot where you post your photos and website, people can vote, and if you win you get a safari. I want to go on a safari really badly so can you all please go to this website and vote a lot? Thank you!


The Knot January 21, 2008

Oh my gosh.  The Knot is an amazing and wonderful beast.   My jewelry site, Simple Bangles, was all over the local Philadelphia board today, which resulted in 252 hits to my site!  Unbelievable!  Then everyone started coming out of the woodwork with their “side businesses” and this new site was born by the end of the day, created by a lovely knottie veteran: Knotties Helping Knotties

This is a site basically for women planning their weddings in and around the Philadelphia area, but many of the resources can be used elsewhere.   I can vouch for all of the women who run these businesses–help them become successful!