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Thanksgiving! November 28, 2008

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving at my parents’ house and we ate a lot and all day. It was a delicious and relaxing day.

Mom and Andrew What should we eat? Nice poses!

PedicureMom did my nails! Normal Thanksgiving activity, right?

AndrewMomMattErin and MomEveryone’s a chef!

Andrew's foodbeansstuffingtableMom&DadThanks, Mom and Dad! Great Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving(s) November 24, 2007

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Matt and I (mostly Matt) cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner together this year!  It went fairly smoothly and in the end the food was delicious.  Of course, in my excitement, I forgot to take photos of anything. 

First, here are the appetizers of cheese, crackers, walnuts, dried cherries, salami, cornichons, and olives.  The white mixture in the middle bowl is a delicious mixture of goat cheese and honey that Matt made.

Our table setting:

I love salt and pepper shakers:

The turkey mid-doneness:

Matt feverishly cooking:

Then Matt’s mom and step-dad came over, we drank, we ate, we drank more, ate more, they left, and I have no pictures of any of it. 

On Friday night we went over to my parents’ house to have a leftovers Thanksgiving.  First of all, my Mom asked me to buy this tacky but adorable plastic snowman from Lowes for my dad.  We plugged it in at the front doorbell and ran away.  He thought it was hysterical:

Mmmm.   Thanksgiving leftovers buffet-style.  The best kind. 

Andrew in his natural habitat:

I don’t know what was wrong with these two but they were huddled in front of the space heater while the rest of us melted:

Chad was knitting the whole time.  He finished a beautiful scarf:

After playing two games of Scene it, our Thanksgiving hangovers were getting the best of us so we all stumbled home.  The snowman watched us leave.


Holiday sadness November 17, 2007

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It’s almost 1:00 am and this is when I do my most thinking and activity online.  I just had to say that this holiday season will be difficult for my family and for me.  We will be spending Thanksgiving day apart and I will be OK, knowing that I had shopped with my Mom on Wednesday, and hopefully will have a Joslyn/Palmer get-together on Friday for a leftover party.  I think that should be tons of fun.  Maybe we can play lots of games or watch Ally McBeal.   

 Thanksgiving has always been a strange holiday in our family.  When I was in college,  either my mom or my dad (usually my dad) would fly back from Japan to spend the holiday with me.  It was always a non-traditional celebration, like eating Thanksgiving dinner at the Valley Green Inn (very nice) or driving down to D.C. to see my aunt and cousins, but I never thought anything of it. 

I have to remind myself that whenever I miss a holiday with my family from now on, I have to think back to those crazy years in Japan when the four of us were all over the place all the time, and we still managed to stay a happy and loving family. 

Please weigh in with comments on how you feel about  family and holidays.  I’m interested to hear your thoughts.