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Last night: Sa Ke Please. February 21, 2009

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Sasagin. More deets later. Here is the photographic evidence.
sakesakeBamboo Before:bamboo beforeBamboo After:bamboo afterdrinks:nigori sparkling?umeshu


Purge FAIL! February 3, 2009

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We didn’t have time to make miso soup tonight, but we did have time to put some rice on to cook. I remember really liking eel when I was in Japan many years ago so when we went grocery shopping, I suggested that we try some. I had forgotten, or maybe just not realized, how many freakin bones are in eel. And tiny ones! I tried pulling them out with my chopstick but finally gave up and just ate the rice. Matt did, too. Then we drank some sake. This was an extremely disappointing meal because I still love the flavor and meat texture of the eel…just not the bones.






Sake Cups (kiki-joko) August 21, 2008

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I haven’t posted in a while. My brain has basically been working triple-time at work so as soon as I get on the train to come home, it shuts off.

Tonight Matt got a free bottle of sake at work and we decided to have some with dinner. Matt used to have a little sake glass but when we moved, I broke it while I was unpacking some dishes. I felt so awful that I found some real sake glasses online and bought two for him. We hardly ever use them but I think they are so cool.

The significance behind the “kiki-joko” is that the white ceramic helps the taster judge the color and the blue rings at the bottom help to judge the clarity of the sake. If you look in at the sake and you see some fuzziness in bottom of the cup, there might be a problem with the clarity of the sake (at least, that’s what Matt told me).