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A few more wedding photos January 17, 2008

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These were all taken by the professional photographer,  Ryan Estes.

My mom did my beautiful hair–it was perfect.  And I did my own makeup.  We’re not a family that needs an entourage!

I’ll post the wedding photos in small doses, but they really do need to be on this blog that is basically turning out to be my online journal.


Wedding photos a little late

Just a sampling of some nice wedding photos taken by various people: my mom, family, the professional, Ryan (those will be in a later post). Maybe I should wait for our anniversary to post these, but I’m sure I’ll forget by then.

These two were taken by the ever so talented Adair Fincher. I see great things in her future.

These are mostly taken by my mom and other family members.

More to come…maybe I should post once a month until our anniversary in April!

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Wedding Photos January 15, 2008

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Some of Matt’s and my wedding photos were put on Ryan Estes’s site as his favorites from 2007.  Check out his blog and try to catch some glimpses!

I don’t think I ever posted wedding photos directly on my blog.  I’ll have to check that out, and if I haven’t I’ll post some this week.