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I really do garden! May 12, 2008

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I’m always posting pictures of our gardening projects, and on Sunday I realized I wasn’t in any of them! I told Matt he had to take a picture of me gardening so that one day when I am old I can show my grandchildren. So, here’s me (and some of our Sunday projects).

The above photos are all taken by Matt. We now have a gnome (see previous post); a thriving grape vine, impatiens, marigolds, and lots of other flowers and plants I forget the names of. We also planted most of our seedlings into the raised beds.


Seedlings! April 24, 2008

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This is a photo essay of our seedlings–ALL of them have sprouted and now we just have to keep them alive! We planted about 10 different kinds of veggies and herbs. I treat these cute little guys like they are my pets!


Signs of Life! March 27, 2008

I took a stroll around our “grounds” yesterday evening and saw so many plants and bushes coming back to life! I’m so excited to plant for spring.

This is our grape vine that we planted last year and Matt pruned it back. Hopefully it will keep getting stronger and produce lots of grapes!

These winter pansies survived and were flowering during the whole winter–amazing!

These were some of my favorite (wild?)flowers as a child but I forget what they are called…

This is our blueberry bush that we never got around to planting last year. It survived being outside all winter and it has lots of new branches and buds on it! I plan on putting it in the ground in the next few weeks.

I never noticed these plants before on the side of the house–they must be perennials. I can’t wait until they bloom!

This bush literally blossomed overnight!

These are blooming on the other side of the house. What are these called? (Mom?)

Our rose bushes are getting really out of hand–pretty soon they will be as tall as the house! I have to look into the proper way to prune them back. But–there are tons of new branches, buds, and leaves on them. They are so beautiful when they bloom!