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It Isn’t Always Sunny in Philadelphia May 30, 2009

Last night, when the Phils battled the Nats, it was threatening rain; we had some good beer after a horrible week at work; we finally tried The Schmitter; we sat in no man’s land; Kathy O read Casey; Matt got a new hat; we took some self portraits; the seats were wet; I snuck some photos of Matt; Julius came out to play; I discovered my Phashion sense; Matt tried to take a decent photo of me; and the night was nice, factories and all.

The end.



















It’s a little premature but…two in a row? April 9, 2009

I am posting this in honor of the Phillies’ 12-11 win on Wednesday.

Philadelphia holds its breath


D’backs: 10 Phillies: 4 July 12, 2008

Ugh. The fantastic fightin’ Phils are in first place but of course they had to lose miserably today. To add salt to the wound, the game was supposed to be at 7:05 but because (stupid) Fox wanted to air the game, they changed the game time to 3:55. In the middle of this weekend’s 90+ degree heatwave. Matt was a good sport–I gave him a hat and we drank beers. I took lots of pictures.

Citizens Bank Park:

The start of the game:

I’m still happy because the game hasn’t started yet:

I always seem to have the zoom on when I try to take self-portraits of us and then I do OK:

They had a free Hot Tamale and Mike & Ike giveaway–we stuffed my bag:

The fans.

Philadelphia sports fans are awesome. I love them. I can yell and heckle and say “Take him out!” when a pitcher is sucking and no one cares.

I loved this shot–especially the guy with the 2007 jersey:

Ashburn Alley:

This klassy girl had on a wife beater and bright red bra:

Adorable kid fan! My dad started taking me to games when I was about four, so I love seeing little kids who are excited about the games!

Then the game started. It was a nightmare!! Here was the scoreboard early on (yes, the D’backs got 8 runs in the 4th inning):

It was Randy Johnson vs. the Phils. Johnson has been pitching for a million years. He’s known in Philly for throwing a fastball over the head of Phillies 1st baseman John Kruk at the 1993 All-Star Game in Baltimore. Randy pitched really well, and then actually got a double and hit in two runs–before this he had a .095 batting average. Awesome. Here are some shots of Johnson at bat and on second base:

The game drove me to drink:

And stretch and get antsy and angry:

But, there’s always the Phanatic and Phanovision to keep people happy and distracted from the game!

I have no idea what the knights were doing there. But guess who else was there? Caitlin’s husband JP–Photobucket–so hysterical!!
(Check out Caitlin’s awesome website here.)

I love the Kissing cam:

Our trash after the game:

The final score was 10-4. So sad. Here are the disappointed fans walking to the subway after the game–at least we had company: