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I put an away message on my phone today. December 22, 2008

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I was at work but the construction right next door made it impossible for me to talk on the phone for half of the day. And it smells.

This one is funny–at the end my coworker walks by and says “Oh gosh, poor thing!”


The Office December 5, 2007

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What does your office mean to you?  Maybe you work in a corner suite overlooking the city.  Maybe you have a cubicle that’s barely big enough for your computer.  Maybe you work from home and the whole house is your office.  Maybe you travel so much for your job, it feels like airports and hotels are your office.  Wherever you hang your hat from 9-5, what does it mean to you?

I recently found out that to make room for a new addition to our team, I would have to find a new place to work.  Up until that point I joked to people about how my office was formerly the store room and closet what with the cinder block walls and no windows, but when I received the news that I had to move, it hit me that I had grown to love my space filled with files and boxes, old cups of tea, and various pairs of shoes. I have no idea where I will move, but I know that nowhere in the building I work in now, will I find a tighter group of people who get along and help each other as much as they do.  I’ll be sad not to see them every morning.

Offices become a part of you.  Even if you hate them.  My dad has two offices at Temple.  One is his current office as an administrator, but his old faculty office that he’s had for over 30 years has been empty for a little while.  Recently “they” (at Temple) told him that he was being kicked out to make room for former Mayor John Street.  To think–that John Street will utilize the office that my dad has for so long is quite the end and beginning of an era.

 When you think about the work place in pop culture, it’s such a popular subject matter these days.  Office Space is of course a prime example of what an office means to various characters in the film. One just wants a place to fit in (and his stapler).  Another wants some windows.  And another just wants to get out.  I know we all feel this way at least once a week (day?) so I’d love to start a discussion about offices and how they define you.  I’ll leave you with some clips/videos to get your creative juices flowing:

So would you rather wear flair?  Do you have a case of the Mondays every day?  Share.  Vent.  Let me know how you feel.