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I wish I could dance February 9, 2008

Ever since I tried out for airband in my sorority sophomore year, I wished I could dance really well. I can move to the beat and hold my own on the dance floor, but I can’t learn routines or any kind of real dance moves. Airband was this part of Greek Week where all of the fraternities and sororities would compete in dance routines. Most of the sororities had very strict tryouts to be on the “Airband Team” and of course I never made it because I was horrible! It’s actually kind of stupid when you think about it, but I’ve always loved watching organized dance groups. Here’s an example of what a UD airband routine looks like:

Some Universities are known for their dance teams. The group “Kaba Modern” is based at the University of California Irvine through the multicultural group “Kababayan.

Here is an example of a Kaba Modern dance routine:

The group recently got chosen to be a contendor on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” show and they are amazing! One of their routines from the show:

Now this is the kind of airband I could be an awesome member of:


Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, Oh My! October 30, 2007

Ever since comedian Stephen Colbert announced his candidacy for President, I’m having this internal struggle.  There seem to be quite a few “high-profile” Democrats making that decision (no confusion as to why, of course), and I’ve been trying to decide which one I would be happiest having in the White House next year.

 I just happened to turn on MTV last night, and they were having a special with Barack Obama as a guest at Iowa’s Coe College, answering live and “live” online questions from students and virtual voters.  This was the first time I had seen any of the candidates speak on the issues that they have on their platforms, and I must say, I was very impressed with Obama’s answers and views.  You can see a summary, and some videos, of that question and answer session here.  I was most impressed by this segment.

MTV had a similar question and answer session with John Edwards.  I haven’t watched any of the footage or read the summaries yet–let me know what you think if you do.

 Then I read in the paper this morning Drexel University  will be hosting a Democratic debate tonight and it will be shown live on MSNBC from 9-11.  You can also watch it live on or  Candidates include Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, and Bill Richardson.  I’m pretty excited to watch this.  

You can take this fun quiz to see how the candidates rank compared to your own views.  These were my results:

Your Results:             

1.  Theoretical Ideal Candidate   (100%)
2.  Joseph Biden   (85%)  Information link
3.  Barack Obama   (84%)  Information link
4.  Dennis Kucinich   (84%)  Information link
5.  Hillary Clinton   (83%)  Information link
6.  John Edwards   (82%)  Information link
7.  Wesley Clark (not running, endorsed Clinton)   (77%)  Information link
8.  Al Gore (not announced)   (76%)  Information link
9.  Christopher Dodd   (75%)  Information link
10.  Alan Augustson (campaign suspended)   (75%)  Information link
11.  Mike Gravel   (67%)  Information link
12.  Bill Richardson   (66%)  Information link
13.  Michael Bloomberg (says he will not run)   (65%)  Information link
14.  Ron Paul   (42%)  Information link
15.  Elaine Brown   (41%)  Information link
16.  Kent McManigal (campaign suspended)   (41%)  Information link
17.  Rudolph Giuliani   (31%)  Information link
18.  Mike Huckabee   (28%)  Information link
19.  John McCain   (27%)  Information link
20.  Tommy Thompson (withdrawn, endorsed Giuliani)   (23%)  Information link
21.  Mitt Romney   (22%)  Information link
22.  Chuck Hagel (not running)   (21%)  Information link
23.  Newt Gingrich (says he will not run)   (17%)  Information link
24.  Sam Brownback (withdrawn)   (15%)  Information link
25.  Alan Keyes   (12%)  Information link
26.  Tom Tancredo   (12%)  Information link
27.  Duncan Hunter   (10%)  Information link
28.  Fred Thompson   (9%)  Information link
29.  Jim Gilmore (withdrawn)   (7%)  Information link
30.  Stephen Colbert   (4%)  Information link