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Global Love Day April 4, 2008

I’ve teamed up with the folks at The Love Foundation to create a keychain that will benefit the foundation and Global Love Day. Half of the profits of each keychain will be donated by Simple Bangles to The Love Foundation. The keychain is made with either red or pink microfiber suede and silver globe and heart charms. Please contact to order your own Global Love Day keychain and contribute to a wonderful organization.



All keychains cost US$6


My husband November 18, 2007

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Matt is wonderful.  He isn’t perfect or superhuman or anything like that (except to me, sometimes), but he is kind and loving and unselfish and I usually don’t realize these things about him. 

 Take for example today:  He got up early and went to Genuardis and was back by the time I was ready to go furniture shopping.  When we got home, he went back out to get more food we need for Thanksgiving (both on Thursday and for leftover-Friday.  He was so excited–like a little kid–and I basically had to calm him down and tell him that he should sit and calmly right out a “game plan” for the next two days.

I am so lucky that my husband is excited about cooking Thanksgiving dinner and then also worried about leftovers Friday with my family.  He even bought gin and tonic water because he knows that’s what they like!

 I don’t often brag about my husband, but he deserves it sometimes, and I hope that he reads this and knows that I feel lucky to have him (even though he goes to bed way to early.)  🙂