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Amateurs. February 27, 2009

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So I am going to try to post a video that I took and then uploaded to youtube (the only way I can get videos on wordpress). I feel like this is a somewhat true depiction of what it is like walking through the streets of a Tokyo suburb near a train station trying to find hidden culinary gems. I’ll set up this clip: my mom and I are walking through Kichijoji trying to find Woodberry’s, a very small frozen yogurt shop. I ultimately take us the “long way” but it works out fine because we meet up with my dad. So, here it is, wobbly but funny:


Yokatta! February 22, 2009

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Home, thoroughly tired, and missing Japan and Mom and Dad! I think I will actually be in bed before 7:00 tonight, so here are the trip highlights for now.

Day 1, Harajuku:Harajuku

Day 2, Roppongi Hills: spider

Day 3, Kichijoji: Woodberry's

Day 4, Asakusa:Asakusa

Day 5, ume: ume

Day 6, Meiji: wedding

Day 7, Asakusa, again! asakusa

Day 8, Kabuki:kabuki

Day 9, Kyoto:kiyomizu

Day 10, Kyoto: kyoto

Day 11, Jindaiji: soba shop

Day 12, Ghibli and Ukai Toriyama: laputaukai

Day 13, local matsuri: tea


Back to the ‘hood February 11, 2009

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You may wonder why you haven’t seen anything really “traditional” yet. Or maybe you don’t care. I am taking care of all of my “old haunts” with my parents, and then I start sightseeing tomorrow and with Matt. Today, we went to my old neighborhood, about an hour away from where my parents live now. I would spend every weekend in Kichijoji, a bike ride away from my old house in Musashi-sakai. It’s modernized a bit since I lived here in 1999-2001 but like I said in a previous post, everything still feels the same.

KichijojiKichijoji stationSun RoadSun RoadSteak house lineThis steak house always has a line. Every time I have ever been here, the line stretches at least 20 people. And I’ve walked past this steak house at least 100 times.neon, really.Diabolina told me neon was in. Proof.SamratcurryI ate Indian food for the first time in Kichijoji at Samrat. They serve the biggest nan and the best curry I have ever had since then.face braStolen idea from Elaine.

Timing: train from Tamachi at 10:15. Arrive Kichijoji at 11:00
Cost: 380 yen per person (one way)
Time elapsed: 7 hours
Accomplished: natsukashii, Sony Plaza, Tokyu, Loft, Samrat, Woodberry’s
Breakfast: home, free
Lunch: Samrat, 980 yen per person

Tomorrow: Asakusa

(There will be a noticeable lack of links from now on–my mom’s computer automatically brings up all Japanese sites and I am too tired to search in English.)