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NBC Heroes Countdown September 21, 2008

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TV Addictions January 1, 2008

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I’m admitting it:  I am addicted to Heroes.  Matt and I just finished the disc set of Season One that I got him for Christmas (less than a week ago).  There were 23 episodes.  That’s at least 2 episodes a night since Christmas and we’ve been busy.  But we finally finished and I can’t wait to start watching season 2 somehow.For you Heroes fans out there, let’s discuss:1.  Why couldn’t Peter fly without Nathan at the end of the last episode?2. Where is the Hatian?3. Where are Mrs. and Lyle Bennet?4. Will Skylar become an even deeper tragic hero?  The  mom visit isn’t really convincing me yet.5. When does the commune start and where do they live? 6. Whats up with Grandma Bennet?  What’s her power?  I don’t get it. You regulars, please help me out.  TYVM.