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It’s been a while… December 2, 2007

…since I have bored you with our home improvements!  We (Matt) got a lot accomplished this weekend.  Besides bagging leaves, fixing the lawnmower, and mowing the lawn, he and his dad built from scratch a linen closet for this wasted space on the second floor (the door to the left is the bathroom, and behind the shelving unit is the door to the crawl space):

It only took them about 4 hours.  I was so impressed and now we have somewhere to store our sheets and towels (since March, our towels have been stored in the very large shopping bag they were given to us in at the bridal shower).

After the carpentry was finished, Matt and I shampooed the carpet in the dining and living rooms to prepare for our furniture delivery from Material Culture. I LOVE the new furniture!  It’s so beautiful. Matt and his dad moved the old love-seat into the office and I immediately turned it into my nest. 

Here are the “clean” carpets.  Even thought we emptied the dirty water compartment about 5 times (black water) some of the stains stayed.  But I can tell it’s a lot cleaner:

And the new furniture from Material Culture looks great!

I think we need a home improvement break until after New Years.


Material Culture November 19, 2007

Yesterday, Matt and I went to an amazing furniture warehouse called Material Culture.  This gigantic warehouse is filled with exotic furniture from all over the world and also showcases some specialty work from artists and furniture makers.  We went in looking for a buffet for our dining room but instead bought a matching leather sofa and chair (Christmas gift from Matt’s mom) because everything was 25% off.  The prices are extremely reasonable, and it is just a cool place to spend and hour or two walking around.  I took a lot of photos!

Matt’s throne.

My throne (the chair swiveled all the way around!)

Shelf Boat!  We wanted this.

They served us hot tea as we were browsing.  I just noticed that there’s a creepy face in the corner of this photo.  I think it’s a painting but how spooky!

The copper pots (unusable–just for decoration) were $14 per pound.  Most of the smaller ones were only 1 pound so we bought a couple to decorate our kitchen.

I loved this.  But where would we put it??

This was a table top that I loved.  I can’t remember what they were made out of (I think copper). This is it made into an actual table, only in a greenish color:

Here’s a better photo from the website:

mosaic table tops.  So cool.

Flying Fish!  (Made out of bottle caps.)

This is a really bad picture of the chair we got.  The three-seater sofa matches.  It’s not as red in real-life.  It’s more of a darker brown.  It gets delivered on Dec. 2!!