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Photo Collage of Family Cookie Swap January 27, 2008

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Um, what’s wrong with this photo collage? Can anyone guess? Maybe the mystery can be solved when you look at Adina’s much more thorough photo collection on her flickr site.


Wedding photos a little late January 17, 2008

Just a sampling of some nice wedding photos taken by various people: my mom, family, the professional, Ryan (those will be in a later post). Maybe I should wait for our anniversary to post these, but I’m sure I’ll forget by then.

These two were taken by the ever so talented Adair Fincher. I see great things in her future.

These are mostly taken by my mom and other family members.

More to come…maybe I should post once a month until our anniversary in April!

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Holiday sadness November 17, 2007

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It’s almost 1:00 am and this is when I do my most thinking and activity online.  I just had to say that this holiday season will be difficult for my family and for me.  We will be spending Thanksgiving day apart and I will be OK, knowing that I had shopped with my Mom on Wednesday, and hopefully will have a Joslyn/Palmer get-together on Friday for a leftover party.  I think that should be tons of fun.  Maybe we can play lots of games or watch Ally McBeal.   

 Thanksgiving has always been a strange holiday in our family.  When I was in college,  either my mom or my dad (usually my dad) would fly back from Japan to spend the holiday with me.  It was always a non-traditional celebration, like eating Thanksgiving dinner at the Valley Green Inn (very nice) or driving down to D.C. to see my aunt and cousins, but I never thought anything of it. 

I have to remind myself that whenever I miss a holiday with my family from now on, I have to think back to those crazy years in Japan when the four of us were all over the place all the time, and we still managed to stay a happy and loving family. 

Please weigh in with comments on how you feel about  family and holidays.  I’m interested to hear your thoughts.