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Emma Clarke, Voice of the Tube November 27, 2007

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**Update** Emma’s site is now functional–enjoy! 

I couldn’t wait until Bizarre News Story Wednesday to post this hysterical news.  If you’ve ever been to London and ridden on the tube, you are familiar with the female recorded voice that announces “Mind the gap” or “Thank you for riding the tube.”

You would never stop to think about the woman behind the voice, would you?  At least, I never did.  Supposedly, she has an established fan base and has even recorded some “mock” announcements that aren’t so “helpful.”  She recently got fired for these jokes and you can read about it here.

Ironically (and disappointingly) Emma’s personal website, where you can listen to MP3s of her spoofs, is not currently working.  I’ll let you know if she ever has it up and running again.

Here is another article on Emma, and neither links in the text to hear the real and made-up announcements are working. 

You can read here about the history behind the “Mind the gap” announcement.