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Wine Tour on Keuka Lake August 17, 2008

We love touring the wineries in the Finger Lakes. We have our favorites, and our not-so-favorites (but we go to those anyway). This year we hit Dr. Konstantin Frank, Bully Hill, Hunt Country, and the Meadery. Dr. Franks is always fun and they make our favorite wine in the area. Bully Hill is a classic must-see although the wines are horrible! And, of course, there are always the views.

Dr. Frank:

Bully Hill:

Hunt Country:


The best wines November 5, 2007

Matt and I were in the liquor store next to Trader Joe’s over the weekend and were so excited to see two of our favorite brands of wines on their shelves.  As you may know, it is very difficult to get wine from other states into the Pennsylvania liquor stores because the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) is so strict.

The wines we saw were two types of Airlie that Matt’s company, Star Cellars, imports from Oregon, and two of Dr. Konstantin Frank‘s wines from New York State:

The wines circled on the top are Dr. Frank’s and the wines circled on the bottom are the Airlie wines.  (These photos were taken with my phone so the quality is not that great.)

Both wines are placed in the “Premium Wine” section!