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Reality TV on youtube December 9, 2007

I love reality TV these days, especially the model/fashion/photography shows and their hosts.  The hosts are really the best parts these days.  Here are some of my favorite clips:

Heidi Klum is so scary!

Tim Gunn should copyright the phrase “Make it work!”

Tyra is scary, too!

And all of the best come from Dancing With the Stars:

I’ll be adding on to this as I think of more–let me know what your favorites are!


America actually got it right November 28, 2007

I’ll admit it.  I watched Dancing with the Stars for a second year in a row.  I was sucked in last year when Apolo Anton Ohno was one of the stars and thus the addiction began.  I became disheartened this year when a certain outspoken and disillusioned “entertainer” and doll-maker kept getting voted through and ended up getting enough votes for a slot in the top three couples.  Before the finale last night I had bouts of panic and my confidence rating in the intelligence of the American people kept dropping lower than it had ever been before. 

But America pulled through last night.  Julianne and Helio earned their well-deserved mirror-ball trophy, the doll-maker came in third, and all was right with the world.

Now let’s see if America can pull through again next year when it comes time to voting in the presidential election.  One can hope.

Julianne and Helio’s award-winning quickstep: