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Washi + jewelry = $5 April 25, 2009

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My old friend Hillary and I tried to sell our wares (washi paper eggs and jewelry) at a craft fair/flea market today. Never expect to sell anything handmade at an event that is marketed as both because no one will want to spend over $5 on anything. Really–$5 is the magic number. It was fun catching up, though, and I got a nice base of color on my arms. That color being red.



Mother’s Day Craft Fair April 27, 2008

I will be selling my jewelry on Saturday, May 3, at The Eagles Nest’s Craft and Vendor Fair. Come visit!


First Craft Fair December 2, 2007

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My mom and I went to Holmesburg Baptist Elementary school in Northeast Philly for their first craft show and what an experience that was.  Everyone was extremely friendly, but about half of the vendors were jewelers, and there were only about 10 vendors there!  And from 9-2 we probably saw 20-30 customers.  I did learn, though, that I have to start making my jewelry a little bigger/longer.  I made a bracelet that fit my wrist, thinking it would be cute for a little girl (I have small wrists) and it didn’t even fit a sixth grader.  Hmmmm.

I did end up selling a few things, and actually made a profit, so it wasn’t all in vain!  Mom was such a trooper–she sat with me all day and even did some shopping of her own!

This baby slept and did not cry the entire time.  How cute!  His mother was making little beaded baby booties.

I’m glad I did it and I’m happy that my Mom was such a big help, and that Matt basically let me ignore him for an entire week while I prepared!

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