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Primary Election voting experience April 22, 2008

I have no photos, just a list of observances from my voting experience today:

1. I was registered with my maiden name and I only had one form of ID. It had my married name on it. I was still allowed to vote.
2. There was no line at 6:30.
3. There were no party/delegate supporters anywhere outside.
4. There were many signs: the only Democratic sign was for Clinton that was mostly covered by a Ron Paul Sign.
5. The other voters in the Fire House were all Republicans. I felt slightly uncomfortable with my bright pink “Democrat” slip of paper (The Republican slip was pale blue).
6. Our neighbors (the ones we don’t really like) were there.

That’s about it. It was kind of surreal. I was expecting more excitement, I guess. As Matt and I were driving home from work on Broad Street through North Philadelphia, there were crazy Obama supporters yelling out to the passing cars. That was fun.


Obama: Debate Backlash January 19, 2008

For anyone who watched the Democratic debate this past Tuesday, this video will probably make you laugh, no matter who you are supporting.