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Holiday Letter 2008 December 20, 2008

I always said I would write one of these but never did. Now I can, sustainably, with no postage. And, there are links! I love web design for dummies.

So 2008 was quite a year. Matt and Erin celebrated their first anniversary in April and this second year is just flying by (that’s a good thing, right?). They both got settled into their relatively new jobs this year, just in time for the “economic crisis.” Erin never knew that loss of state funding could affect universities! But students still study abroad, and people still buy wine, so they are both still in business for now.

On February 21, our family was suddenly in mourning over the loss of my mother’s mother, Mary “Nannie” Keough. Nannie had been living in Philadelphia for a few years and had grown to love her home and her friends here. One day, fairly suddenly, Erin was called away from work and got to Nannie with her mom and dad. Erin told her mom, “Tell Nannie she has to wait for Andrew–Andrew’s not here yet!” Her mom did, and Nannie did. Andrew arrived, and a few minutes later, she died. As hard as this was for our family, she is happy where she is–with her husband, Jim (Pop-pop), which was where she wanted to be since his death 6 years earlier. We held a beautiful memorial service for Nannie at the chapel in her home in Philadelphia, and another at St. Michael’s Church in Penn Yan in August.

Because Matt works in wine, we take advantage of this to its full extent and went to California wine country in March for a long weekend. Visions of real estate danced in our heads, only to be dashed by the prices. But, in two years, we’ve made it there twice (all tax deductable) so let’s hope we make that a trend.

Matt continued to book gigs around Philadelphia for his taiko group, Kyo-daiko, which he helped found. Erin continued her side job of making jewelry–mainly custom orders but some online sales as well. We also have been very busy around the house–Matt dry-walled a ceiling for the first time (with the help of our fathers) and we had a garden that produced a grape vine, a jungle of tomatoes, and other various herbs. Erin discovered her love of gardening and everything that goes along with it (weeding became Erin’s stress management program after work during the summer). Our future goal is to be 100% sustainable from our back yard garden.

The summer was also filled with Phillies Games (World Champs!); farm markets; taking care of Erin’s parents’ cat during their July in Friday Harbor (this year we will visit!); visiting Matt’s family out in Pittsburgh and Central PA; Matt’s mom’s retirement and permanent move to Pittsburgh; watching our friend Susan win a gold medal in Beijing; and birthdays.

Erin was able to get a few more stamps in her passport this year. Work sent her to Montreal and London and a friend sent her to the Dominican Republic for her wedding. The past few months have gone too quickly. Soon, Matt and Erin will be visiting her parents in Japan, where they will be living from January through April. We are excited for another happy and healthy holiday season, and wish the same for you and your families.


Surviving Married life over the holidays December 28, 2007

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There is no way this can work perfectly with any kind of planning. Just go with the flow, don’t stress out, and be happy that so many people want to see you and spend time with you over the holiday season.  Christmas Eve: left at 2:00, made a quick stop down town, and arrived at Matt’s father’s house at 4:00.  I met a lot of Judy’s family that I had never met.  All boys.  People are hoping that Laura, one of the cousins-in-law, will be having a girl.  Things were too crazy and I was eating too much to take photos.  Left Matt’s dad’s in the midst of the party at 7:30 to head to my parents’ house.  Christmas Eve Part Two: 8:45: my parents’ house.  Nice and calming.  But there were too many presents even after we had all agreed to “tone it down.” We opened stockings and stayed late before we went home to rest up for our return in a few hours.This is Christmas “toned down:”Christmas morning: First stop, Dunkin Donuts, 9:30 am.  Bought: Box O Joe and a dozen donuts.  Arrived safely at rendezvous point (parents’ house) at around 10:00 am. Nannie was there, we were ready to dig in.  There was general pandemonium and excitement, with a few eating and bathroom breaks, for about 7 hours.  Holy crap.  Oh, and by the way, this is my first blog post from my new elegant and beautiful mac laptop.  Love it.  Lots of fun was had by all.So we decided to extend Christmas to the 26th.  Mom, Dad, and the boys came over with dinner (good thing because our fridge was once again empty).  Andrew was a doll and tried to be my own personal IT person.  He should have charged me by the hour.  Pandemonium ensued, as always. Dec. 27th: The “seeing friends who no longer live in Philadelphia but are here for the holidays” started last night.  This will continue on Saturday night as well.And soon to come: Dec. 30th: hopefully visits with two families, the Joslyns (cousins) and the Craggs (Matt’s Mom).Then I guess it’s New Years and I have to go back to work.  Holiday vacations are tiring.