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STAY TUNED! July 29, 2010

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The Life of Erin has become quite defunct, wouldn’t you say? But fear not, I have a new idea forming that will be unveiled very shortly.

Here’s a hint (photo courtesy of Adina Katz):


4 months?! March 27, 2010

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OK, this has got to stop. This blog can’t update itself so I need some motivation. I may have some soon, and this blog may morph into something different, maybe even with a different title, in the coming months, so please stay tuned. For now, here are more house photos I promised back in November.

Yes, the kitchen is still red. We are keeping occupied with other home projects right now so re-painting the kitchen is low on our priority list.

What else have we been up to?

Matt has been a taiko practicing/performing whirlwind. I’m teaching again and let’s just say that I was completely spoiled in the Fall. This new group is a challenge. To put it bluntly, I have never dumbed down writing assignments so drastically, defended the reasons for annotating so passionately, and threatened failure for never coming to class so vehemently to any other class. Oh well, only about a month left with these young “adult” terrors.

More later.


2 months November 18, 2009

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So…I almost couldn’t remember my login for this blog it’s been so long. How is everyone doing? Ready for Thanksgiving? Christmas? Hanukkah?

Matt and I work. We sleep. We paint. We sand. We eat. We watch glee sometimes. Other times we actually talk to each other when we can form complete sentences.

This is our living room that took us about 2 months to complete:

Some of you might remember the bright yellow walls and puke colored carpets. That’s all gone and we love the change. Our dining room is the same color and the awful chair rail got torn off and patched (Thanks, Dad!). I picked the color and Matt painted.

I’ll post the other rooms later.


Cut. It. Out! September 21, 2009

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Matt and I were talking today about being so busy that we need to cut some things out of our days. I’m trying to figure out how to do that so I started calculating how I spent my time from Saturday morning through Sunday night (or about 38 hours):

Grading papers: 10 hours
House project (right now we are in the demo and patching stage): 3 hours
Sleep (or attempting sleep): 8 hours (I am just counting Sat. night)
Laundry: 2 hours
Eating: 1 hour
Gardening: 2 hours
Walking with my mom: 3 hours
Talking with Matt: 2 hours
Cooking: 2 hours
Watching Househusbands of Hollywood on hulu: 44 minutes
Getting supplies at the paint store: 1 hour
Internet: 2 hours
Thinking, showering, escaping bees, talking to neighbors, etc.: 1 hour

Is that 38 hours?

Now, I won’t have to spend 10 hours grading papers every weekend, but there will be three more, and they will keep getting longer. Obviously, I should cut out Househusbands (Grant looks just like Christian Bale, though!) and my internet usage. What else? I did watch the Emmy’s, but I was grading papers at the same time so I didn’t count that. Ideas, please?

I did hand the papers back today (very strategically at the end of class) and no one cried (in my presence). A couple walked out in a huff after they read their comments. Now I have individual conferences all week and I am pretty worried about those. I have a panic button in my office, just in case!


I didn’t know we bought a fixer-upper! September 13, 2009

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Obviously, there has been a lot of shoddy work done in our 90-year-old house in the past, well, 90 years. We’re trying to fix stuff. We’re hiring people to help us fix stuff. We’re learning as we go and boy, is it the toughest class I have ever taken (besides Dr. Trayes’ Editing class, but that’s a completely different story).

Our most recent project has resulted in an entire new list of Things To Do! Our floors are 90% finished, an d that 90% is great. The other 10% is a long story, and their quality remains to be seen. Because our floors look so nice, (and because most of our stuff is already boxed up in other rooms) we are taking this opportunity to fix some of the sloppy paint, chair rails, and other work done in the main areas.

So, long story short, please don’t expect any parties or invitations to come over any time soon! Unless you want to come help.

Floors before:
floors before




Floors (almost) after:




Matt’s dream come true:


And now we want to fix the chair rail that has been very inventively attached into the walls:




Mel’s Shower August 16, 2009

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Melanie (my sister-in-law) is due in just under 6 weeks! Yesterday was her Philly Baby shower. Good times and good gifts!











4th of July July 5, 2009

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Mom and Dad were home on the 4th of July this year! So we celebrated at their house amongst the new fence and fun decorations. Thanks guys!