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Zucchini Bread August 3, 2009

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So I made 5 loaves of zucchini bread on Sunday. This is what happens when your husband leaves town and you are stuck with too much zucchini from your CSA! Can you guess why they are all different? I won’t tell. They are all in the freezer, waiting to be taste tasted at the next family event.




Herb Pesto and My Best Omelet June 7, 2009

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I was inspired today. I’ve been eating crap lately and my body is craving freshness!

Breakfast: the best omelet I’ve ever made. Two eggs, one whole scallion, two mushrooms, three slices of tomato, a touch of Parmesan cheese, and a sprig of dill.





Then I made some pesto. I never use a recipe so it’s a lot of guessing whenever I do this. Today I grabbed a handful of fresh basil, sage, and thyme, and threw it in the processor with slivered almonds, garlic, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. I could eat this all right now:



yelp! May 6, 2009

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I have a new website:
If you are a yelp! user post your website here!


Cherry Blossom Gala March 29, 2009


Matt and I were lucky enough to get an invitation to the Cherry Blossom Gala last night. Ironically, one of our first “dates” was to this gala back in 2003. How time flies. It was at the Union League and black tie or traditional Japanese dress were required. Matt wore his formal kimono and I just wore black tie (I think!).

dressed up


We did a lot of window shopping at the silent auction but there were some amazing Dali paintings and fine jewelry that we were eyeing!


The sushi appetizers were yummy–especially the thinly-sliced salmon.

Dinner was good (hey, it was free!) but not good enough to deserve its picture taken.
dinner menu

Sake barrel breaking and kabuki–fun!
barrel breaking

Matt’s friend, Isaburo Hanayagi, performed the dance. He brought the Tamagawa drummers and dancers to Philadelphia back in 2003 and this year is is a visiting professor at Swarthmore College.

We all got to take home this delicious fudge from Savagely Good:


Maybe in six years we’ll get another invitation! Who knows!



Six Years Ago…. March 18, 2009

On March 10th, 2003, I went out on a date with Matt here:


And we saw Kodo:


At the Kimmel Center:


This year on March 17, we recreated our date! It was fun! And romantic! You can read reviews of Monk’s and Kodo here: Explore and Eat


IKEA, seeds, and Meeting March 15, 2009

I feel like we got a lot accomplished this weekend. It all started on Friday night when Matt discovered that the IKEA near our house finally had a bookcase in stock that we had been coveting. So we made sure to get there right when it opened on Saturday morning. Matt and I hardly ever go to IKEA, but it really is a special place. I couldn’t resist snapping some shots with my iPhone.


I love eating at IKEA. I didn’t know they had breakfast and it looked so good, but we had already eaten. So we shopped and then got lunch.


mac n cheesesalad

I also love IKEA for inspiration. I love this room. It had toille wallpaper. I hate wallpaper so I’m thinking of another way to get toille on the walls. I’m thinking Mom and Chad and Andrew can help me figure this out! (Hang fabric on the walls?) I’m crazy.


Finished Products:

book case
(Matt made this one)
(I made this one)

We replaced a TV and TV stand that we never used for the nice big bookcase/filing cabinet. It holds so much more and actually clears up a lot of floor space.

When we got home we planted seeds for our garden. Last year we did a pretty good job as first-time gardeners. Hopefully it wasn’t beginners’ luck.







We are trying the old-fashioned soil method and also a tray of special pellets that expand with water. It’s called a hydrofarm and it comes with a vented plastic top. Who knows which will work better.

Today we decided to go to Meeting. Before we got married, we knew that we wanted to look into Quakerism and we were lucky enough, as Pennsylvania residents, to have the choice of a Quaker or “self-uniting” marriage license. As a bit of a stressed-out and anxious person who can never sit still, I never thought I would enjoy going to Meeting, which is an hour of sitting and thinking. Meditation. If you feel so moved, you can stand up and speak what is on your mind. Protocol says that after someone stands up and speaks, you should take a few minutes to reflect before you can stand up and respond with your own thought or observation. I have never said anything in Meeting, but I am usually very moved by what people say.

This is the meeting house we attend:

meeting house

I snuck a photo of the inside because we got there early. There are rows of benches that all face towards the middle of the room. It’s very basic–no alters or guys dressed up in fancy robes preaching at you.

meeting house

We are going to try to go to Meeting again on a regular basis and it is our goal to someday be accepted as official Friends. I was excited to see that in their January business meeting, the issue of same gender marriages is being discussed as a possibility. Quakers are also Conscientious Objectors, which makes us very happy.

Matt is now practicing taiko, and I have to make some jewelry.

Is tomorrow really Monday already?


Don’t Want None Unless You Got Buns, Hun. March 13, 2009

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Today was Hot Dog Lunch Day at work. This is what happens when hundreds of employees haven’t had a raise in two and a half years because of an expired union contract and won’t get a raise in the near future because of the economy. You learn to improvise fun. Instead of going out to lunch or happy hour after work, we have Hot Dog Lunch Day. Everyone was in charge of bringing something.


easy cheese

I was in charge of condiments. See the Easy Cheese? I couldn’t resist.


Oh yeah, we had two grills going. We are no joke.


Hot dogs taste so much better on potato rolls. I’m so glad all of my coworkers agree because that’s what three people brought.

We’ve had a crock pot lunch, salad lunch, grilled cheese lunch (twice), and now hot dog lunch. What’s next? You’ll have to wait and see.