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Testing, testing. August 31, 2009

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I’m not sure who checks in on this blog anymore, but I really feel like a brief update is in order for tonight. Maybe it’s because I taught my first class tonight and I talked to 20 18-year-olds about Social Media for about an hour and a half!

So, here we go:

As I just said, I am teaching Analytical Reading and Writing, which is a required course for all students at Temple. They must pass the class to graduate. So someone, presumably me, needs to teach them how to read and write well enough to do so. No pressure. They are a good-natured group and so far fairly well-behaved. I tried to be both strict and approachable today. I hope I can toe that line for 15 weeks.

Matt and I are preparing for a huge home improvement: getting most of our floors refinished. We probably would not have gone through with it right now if we had known how much work it would be to prepare, but we’re in the throws now. No turning back.


Our garden(s) are feeling a bit more neglected these days, but they are hanging in there and still giving us some veggies and herbs. We’ve been eating (and I’ve been freezing) a lot of tomatoes. I get really excited when we have freezer-food stocked up for when we don’t feel like cooking.


We’ve been having some fun, too. Matt went to the North American Taiko Conference in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and I joined him for a long weekend. L.A. was fascinating and we’re not sure we’d choose to go back any time soon, but it was a good time and a well-needed break.


(We have since found Phileoyogurt on South Street, which is exactly the same as Yogurtland in L.A. We were having serious FroYo withdrawals for a while.)

Let’s see, also since my last post (Mel’s shower) we celebrated three birthdays: Matt turned 30 (!!) and my parents turned, well, they had birthdays, too. They are all still young at heart. Andrew and Chad hosted a fun party.





I think that just about covers everything for now! I can’t wait to post pictures of the new floors!

Oh, and our college neighbors have been behaving themselves very well. No wild parties, but the semesters have just begun so we’ll see!


Scenes from a camping trip July 22, 2009

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Dad was the Firestarter.

Andrew battled the sun and made coffee every morning.

You’re cut off! Because you’re too much fun, Mom!!

And Chad just likes it sweet, pink, and cheap.


Bubble Spell July 13, 2009

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I was getting ready for the new Harry Potter on my birthday. Was there a bubble spell? Well there should have been. My parents know I am a kid at heart and got this toy for me to play with that day. We all loved it.


Father’s Day: You Have to Play With a Drink in Your Hand. June 22, 2009

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That was the rule on Father’s Day. Dad had the old croquet set up and we played two rounds. Mom made a delicious dinner. Good times were had all around. Thanks for a fun day everyone!

3 guys






And…the food!


cheese cake


Day Staycation May 11, 2009

If you’re feeling the economic crunch this year and can’t get away on a real vacation from the Philadelphia area, try Terrain at Styers for a Day Staycation.

We went for Mother’s Day and I know that during the summer and fall, and even winter, when we need to relax for a day, this will be the place.

It has multiple greenhouses, gift shops, and a cafe that serves delicious food. Click here for my cafe review.

Enjoy the photos and visit Terrain at Stylers soon to relax and rejuvenate!


















Honey, Honey April 30, 2009

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We have to give Honey back to my parents this weekend. At first we were apprehensive about taking care of her–she is very old and has the following ailments:

kidney failure

So we thought that the vet would put her to sleep in January before my parents left for Japan. The vet said she was fine. And she was fine–the whole time she was here! She was such a doll and really gave us hours of amusement with her purring, snoring, and crying. We’ll miss you, Honey. I took some family portraits tonight:



Red eye runs in the family.



Give me a break, I’m on vacation February 20, 2009

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Whirlwind days and nights and I’ll be home from Japan on Sunday. It’s very sad but I don’t think I could keep going at this pace for much longer. Tonight, Matt, my parents, and I had a leisurely dinner at Ukai Toriyama (about 1 1/2 hours away from where we live in Tokyo). More details later, just leaving you with some fun photos.

everyone at Ukai

Now the photos take 2 minutes to load up. You get two more:

meatBest meat ever. Slathered in miso and DIY on a hot stone.hutsWe had our own hut.

I love this place–more later.