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Sweet as Sugarland June 29, 2009

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Anita and I decided to make Kenny Chesney’s summer tour an annual event. This year we were lucky enough to see our favorite group, Sugarland, perform for about an hour. Lady A. was great, too. Who wants to join us next year?


We met up with some of Anita’s friends who were tailgating. What? Tailgating? Hadn’t done this in 10 years. My flip cup skills quickly came back and I helped to push my team to victory.


Our view of the stage from the nosebleeds.


Roadies. We saw nothing exciting.


These guys stole our seats. But we liked our stolen ones better. Besides, they looked scary.


Sugarland! All of these photos were taken with an old camera so they aren’t that great.


End of the show…we were tired. Couldn’t stay for all of Kenny. Maybe next year.


Little Gordon Ramsay April 7, 2009

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My friend, Rob, clued me into this video. You will appreciate it if you have seen Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay:


(bad) iPhone pics of TAIKOPROJECT March 7, 2009

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We went to see TAIKOPROJECT perform last night and wouldn’t you know, I forgot my camera! So I sneaked (snuck?) some with my trusty iPhone. The show was great. Exciting, unique, funny, impressive.










As you can see, the iPhone doesn’t take the best photos (or maybe it’s just me?). If someone can teach me (Andrew? WeeMo?), please. TAIKOPROJECT is based in Los Angeles but look out for a performance near you!


Taiko Project and Kyo Daiko in the City Paper February 26, 2009

Matt’s taiko group, Kyo Daiko, along with the Asian Arts Initiative, assisted in bringing Taiko Project (who recently appeared on the Academy Awards) to Philadelphia. You can read about Taiko Project in the City Paper. I’m sure it will be a great show if you can make it!

Friday, March 6th, 8:00pm at the Annenberg Center
Call 215-898-3900 for tickets or visit The Annenberg Center online


Inner Geek February 24, 2009

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Matt is a recovering anime geek and I am a fake one. We both love Miyazaki films (that’s all I like).So we went to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo while we were in Japan. Fun stuff! Except that adults can’t play on the neko bus and you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside. I did my best.



water fountain



the compound

laputa statue


ghibli garden

dust bunnies



giant totoro


Not the Neko Bus, but it does Spirit You Away!

Buying tickets for the museum can be tricky. At any Lawson location you can purchase them through ticket machines. Very confusing, even with some language ability. Your best bet is to bring someone who reads the language or ask a kind shop worker for help. Tickets are 1000 yen and you have to choose an entrance time (10:00, 12:00, 14:00, or 16:00) and then you can stay as long as you want to. The bus directly to the museum runs from Mitaka station on the Chuo Line very regularly. One way tickets: 200 yen. Round trip: 300 yen.


Using my Psychic Abilities January 8, 2009

I first learned I had psychic abilities in college when I had an overwhleming feeling of dread and called my parents in Japan to discover they had just experienced a major earthquake.

Here is my next one: I predict that this story will be the next “Really!?! with Seth and Amy” this Saturday.


OK, here are the lame photos I took. December 18, 2008

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(WeeMo–from the post below)

This was the band at the birthday party–all covers, which I actually enjoyed, but a bit to loud for a luncheon with family.

The last party we went to was at a brownstone mansion at Rittenhouse Square (I Zillowed it–worth at least 1.1 mil):

Matt eating

There was a Mardi Gras theme with catered dinner and desserts. Heaven.

That’s all I got.