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Cut. It. Out! September 21, 2009

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Matt and I were talking today about being so busy that we need to cut some things out of our days. I’m trying to figure out how to do that so I started calculating how I spent my time from Saturday morning through Sunday night (or about 38 hours):

Grading papers: 10 hours
House project (right now we are in the demo and patching stage): 3 hours
Sleep (or attempting sleep): 8 hours (I am just counting Sat. night)
Laundry: 2 hours
Eating: 1 hour
Gardening: 2 hours
Walking with my mom: 3 hours
Talking with Matt: 2 hours
Cooking: 2 hours
Watching Househusbands of Hollywood on hulu: 44 minutes
Getting supplies at the paint store: 1 hour
Internet: 2 hours
Thinking, showering, escaping bees, talking to neighbors, etc.: 1 hour

Is that 38 hours?

Now, I won’t have to spend 10 hours grading papers every weekend, but there will be three more, and they will keep getting longer. Obviously, I should cut out Househusbands (Grant looks just like Christian Bale, though!) and my internet usage. What else? I did watch the Emmy’s, but I was grading papers at the same time so I didn’t count that. Ideas, please?

I did hand the papers back today (very strategically at the end of class) and no one cried (in my presence). A couple walked out in a huff after they read their comments. Now I have individual conferences all week and I am pretty worried about those. I have a panic button in my office, just in case!


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