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I didn’t know we bought a fixer-upper! September 13, 2009

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Obviously, there has been a lot of shoddy work done in our 90-year-old house in the past, well, 90 years. We’re trying to fix stuff. We’re hiring people to help us fix stuff. We’re learning as we go and boy, is it the toughest class I have ever taken (besides Dr. Trayes’ Editing class, but that’s a completely different story).

Our most recent project has resulted in an entire new list of Things To Do! Our floors are 90% finished, an d that 90% is great. The other 10% is a long story, and their quality remains to be seen. Because our floors look so nice, (and because most of our stuff is already boxed up in other rooms) we are taking this opportunity to fix some of the sloppy paint, chair rails, and other work done in the main areas.

So, long story short, please don’t expect any parties or invitations to come over any time soon! Unless you want to come help.

Floors before:
floors before




Floors (almost) after:




Matt’s dream come true:


And now we want to fix the chair rail that has been very inventively attached into the walls:




3 Responses to “I didn’t know we bought a fixer-upper!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Wow, the before and after pictures really show the great improvement. It is hard to believe. I guess dad has his work cut out patching the walls!!

    • erinp Says:

      I know! The floors really are a huge improvement. We really need to “trade help.” What can Matt and I do in exchange for help with the patching and painting?

  2. kpow Says:

    The floors are beautiful! Great job!

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