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Honey, Honey April 30, 2009

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We have to give Honey back to my parents this weekend. At first we were apprehensive about taking care of her–she is very old and has the following ailments:

kidney failure

So we thought that the vet would put her to sleep in January before my parents left for Japan. The vet said she was fine. And she was fine–the whole time she was here! She was such a doll and really gave us hours of amusement with her purring, snoring, and crying. We’ll miss you, Honey. I took some family portraits tonight:



Red eye runs in the family.



I never leave the game early. April 29, 2009

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Ever. Monday night’s game was thrilling. I’m glad I forced Matt not to leave in the 8th inning.


Jayson and Shane (we’re on a first name basis. And I wasn’t that close to the field. I zoomed way in.):
Shane and Jayson

Dollar Dog Night (I had one, Matt had three):

Phanatic and Hatfield Pig:

Jayson is 6 foot 5. I’m surprised he doesn’t crouch down more when he is at bat to make his strike zone smaller:

And the Phils come from behind for a win once again:

Self portrait of happy phans:

Click here for my other blog post on the game.


I Flew the Coop April 28, 2009

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Paul and Toni surprised me at work today just when I needed to be released (for an hour) from my prison that is my office! Thanks, you two–it was fun!

Paul discovered Insomnia Cookies:

Paul + Toni

Paul also discovered my camera–I think he is one of the only people who grabs my camera to take pictures of ME! And see how thrilled I am?


Paul tells the best animated stories. He does voices and everything.


Off to Tokyo (Paul) and Greece (Toni)–I’ll miss you guys!


Washi + jewelry = $5 April 25, 2009

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My old friend Hillary and I tried to sell our wares (washi paper eggs and jewelry) at a craft fair/flea market today. Never expect to sell anything handmade at an event that is marketed as both because no one will want to spend over $5 on anything. Really–$5 is the magic number. It was fun catching up, though, and I got a nice base of color on my arms. That color being red.



Phillies game FAIL! Boooo! April 20, 2009

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Tonight was our first “scheduled” Phillies game of the season. Dollar Dog Night. I was super excited. It started raining at around 9:00 this morning and continued throughout the day. By 5:00, when Matt came to get me at work, the game was still on, but by the time we drove down to the stadium by 6:00, the game was canceled. I was disappointed but relieved because it was cold and miserable and yucky. So we took advantage of already being in South Philly by exchanging tonight’s tickets for next Monday (also Dollar Dog Night) and using some of our gift certificates (that can only be used at the stadium box office–stupidest rule ever) to get tickets to two additional games. Score! And we have enough left to get either cheap seats for two more games, or great seats for one more game. We are leaning towards the great seats some time mid-summer.

Edit: Miss M. Boat to He**–I just realized that we are seeing the Phils play the Nats twice. That was completely by accident.



Wally World April 19, 2009

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We went for the first and last time today in a moment of desperation. The trip lasted about 10 minutes. Please don’t judge.

wal mart


Bloggers Unite: Hunger and Hope April 17, 2009

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