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Hail-O! March 29, 2009

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All of a sudden at around 5:00 today we had a freak hail storm:


Cherry Blossom Gala


Matt and I were lucky enough to get an invitation to the Cherry Blossom Gala last night. Ironically, one of our first “dates” was to this gala back in 2003. How time flies. It was at the Union League and black tie or traditional Japanese dress were required. Matt wore his formal kimono and I just wore black tie (I think!).

dressed up


We did a lot of window shopping at the silent auction but there were some amazing Dali paintings and fine jewelry that we were eyeing!


The sushi appetizers were yummy–especially the thinly-sliced salmon.

Dinner was good (hey, it was free!) but not good enough to deserve its picture taken.
dinner menu

Sake barrel breaking and kabuki–fun!
barrel breaking

Matt’s friend, Isaburo Hanayagi, performed the dance. He brought the Tamagawa drummers and dancers to Philadelphia back in 2003 and this year is is a visiting professor at Swarthmore College.

We all got to take home this delicious fudge from Savagely Good:


Maybe in six years we’ll get another invitation! Who knows!



Bangin’ March 26, 2009

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I have bangs! My forehead is getting bigger and I don’t even want to think of why. So I got a hair cut and bangs today. My last hair cut was seven months ago. This is a self portrait:


I think I really love them. We’ll see when I try to make them look good myself tomorrow morning.


Closet Jock March 25, 2009

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My doctor suggested that I start running again, mainly to help me sleep. His exact words were, “Maybe you are a closet jock.” Possible. I went through a running phase when we lived in the city because that’s what people did who lived in the city. It became somewhat of an addiction. I would run in 100 degree weather with 100 percent humidity. I quit the gym because the self-discipline of running through the city was much more appealing. I officially quit in September 2006 when we bought our house in the burbs. I justified quitting because I currently walk a lot to and from train stations. I guess that’s not “aerobic” enough for sleep.

So. I got home from work today determined to run for at least 30 minutes. When my doctor suggested running I said, “Sure! I can just run around the cemetery!” Blank stare. “You know,” I said. “The huge cemetery over there with the paths.”

My parents actually live on the other side of this cemetery. We would cut through it as kids when we wanted to get to the shopping center on the other side or walk to the grocery store. One summer, my brother and mom and I walked through to go to the video store, lost track of time, and had to walk back in the pitch dark. That was an adventure.

Anyway–Matt reminded me that when we first moved into the house, I suggested taking a walk through the cemetery and he gave me the same blank stare.

Back to the running. I got home at 5:50 and was out the door by 6:00 after I frantically searched for the workout clothes I had packed away and hidden under the bed. They were still there. A little musty, but wearable. I dusted off my running shoes and was on my way.


I took my (old and cheap) camera with me to document this monumental event during my anticipated rests. I walked over to the entrance of the cemetery, about two blocks away, as my warm-up. This always cracks me up:



It is never closed–there are no gates on it any more.

I started my jog as soon as I entered. My stride came back to me like remembering how to ride a bicycle. I can do this. Sure. This is nice. My butt’s a little jiggly.

After less than a minute I was out of breath and could feel the cramping. I remembered how to breathe and made it up the first hill, the cramps subsiding. I got into a rhythm. I came to a fork in the road and turned right because turning left was going uphill. I ran up to Pennsylvania Ave. and took a quick rest.

PA ave.

I kept jogging and then the burning started. First in my lungs and then in my butt. I pushed through until the adrenaline kicked in. That’s what I was waiting for. I got into my zone and let my mind go blank. I focused. I started smiling. I saw my old friend the deer and was caught off guard:


The paths are arranged in a grid. I ran up and down, up and down. I saw the gravestones pass by quickly. I saw old photos and mausoleums. I saw my friend the deer running and hiding. I remembered what my friend Scott told me about the many theories about rocks being laid on gravestones in Jewish cemeteries.

I did not think about work, the economy, or the laundry.

After what seemed like an eternity, I finally came to the dreaded uphill path. I knew it would catch up with me sooner or later. My lungs burned. My butt burned. My ears burned. I wanted to hurl. The cold had turned to warmth and then back to cold. It was time to go home. My doctor did say not to overdo it at first.

I got home and felt good. Really good. I checked the clock. It was 6:21.

Tomorrow’s goal: add five minutes and delete one rest. Even if I see my friend the deer again. Stay tuned.


Trophy Tours at Temple March 24, 2009

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The World Series Trophy visited Temple today–fun!



Go Phils–let’s make it two years in a row!


Look Ma, no hands! March 23, 2009

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I noticed something strange about the clocks in 30th Street Station when I was early for my train to D.C. on Friday:



They obviously weren’t guarded very well:



Make new friends but keep the old. March 22, 2009

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This weekend was golden. I don’t see my old and dear friends enough so going to D.C. for an official Girls’ Weekend of Relaxing was like finding a baseball cap that you had spent all four years of college wearing in and getting it to fit just right but then you lose it for a few years but find it again one day. That’s what it felt like. Anita and I had a lovely time at Virginie’s beautiful new home walking Aspen, talking late into the night, and watching the entire first season of Weeds.

Why do we get so busy that we can’t have Girls’ Weekends more frequently? Ten years ago every weekend was a girls’ weekend. Then it became Girls’ Vacations when we had no worries and disposable income. Now we have to schedule just two or three weekends a year to get together.

Ten years ago, though, we thought that our lives as we knew them were ending when we graduated from college. Things would never be the same. No more mug nights at the Balloon. No more two for two at Grottos. No more debating on whether or not to skip class on a warm spring day to lay out in the sun.

Things aren’t the same. That’s true. But the time we spend together is so much more valuable now that we have 12+ years of friendship behind us. Our lives are all completely different now but we appreciate our differences and it makes me love my old friends even more than when we were struggling to fit in and run with the crowd.

I love you guys!