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Amateurs. February 27, 2009

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So I am going to try to post a video that I took and then uploaded to youtube (the only way I can get videos on wordpress). I feel like this is a somewhat true depiction of what it is like walking through the streets of a Tokyo suburb near a train station trying to find hidden culinary gems. I’ll set up this clip: my mom and I are walking through Kichijoji trying to find Woodberry’s, a very small frozen yogurt shop. I ultimately take us the “long way” but it works out fine because we meet up with my dad. So, here it is, wobbly but funny:


4 Responses to “Amateurs.”

  1. WeezerMonkey Says:

    Love this video. It’s like The Blair Witch Project meets Lost in Translation. My fave part is when you bump into your dad.

  2. Melanie Says:

    Erin – why do so many people wear a medical mask? I have actually noticed several students that do it near CMU! Are they just afraid of airborne illnesses?

  3. andrewjoslyn Says:

    Oh man that was painful. You guys had no idea where you were going. LOL. Of course, when you looked down that one street I though “Oohhh, ninniku ramen” and then you looked back and said it! Hahaha.

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