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Treacherous January 31, 2009

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Whenever it snows or ices up, this is what I walk through every morning and evening to and from the train station:


This is the train station parking lot, a law suit waiting to happen:

parking lot

(taken with my iPhone.)


Kyo Daiko January 29, 2009

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Join the Kyo Daiko Page on Facebook, please!

If you ever attended a performance when they first started, you would be so impressed at the improvement. And I’m not just saying that because Matt is a founder.



Ho Hum January 28, 2009

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I’m kind of just biding my time until Japan and I have some really fun things to write about. In the mean time, I had a crappy day at work so instead of following through with the purging diet, I asked Matt to go to WaWa so I could get a sandwich. I feel much better.

Today was my first day in the office since Friday because I was doing off-campus recruiting on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I was at Temple Ambler. It’s like being out in the country. If I could, I’d probably rather work at Ambler–it’s like Cheers–everyone knows your name. Seriously. I was parking and asked some of the Campus Police if I needed a special permit. They asked me who I was seeing and when I told them they were like, “Oh, you don’t need a permit, we love her, she’s the best!” OK mister officer, please don’t turn around and tow my car. They didn’t and then later in the day they came to say hi to me. Weird.

Ambler houses Temple’s horticulture and landscape architecture majors. In the dead of winter, it is still beautiful:

herb gardenherbs

gardensculpture"bell" tower

Then on Tuesday I went to West Chester U. It wasn’t pretty, but an international student group was selling middle eastern food. I had this yummy homemade hummus for lunch: hummus

That’s all. Nothing else to see here.


Purge: Day #2 January 26, 2009

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Today we successfully completed day #2 of our purge diet. Maybe if I post what we eat every night it will make us more motivated to eat like this every night. Not that I mind, because I love miso soup and rice, but it has a great potential to get a little blah. This is what we ate tonight:


Look familiar? Matt changed it up a bit by adding some potato, radish, and shiitake.

Matt also ate this:

rice with fishcakes and pickles

(Rice with fishcakes and pickles on the side.)

I was full after the soup. But we had enough rice left to make omusubi for lunch tomorrow:



Miso and Miyazaki January 25, 2009

Matt (easily) convinced me to start a special meal plan with him. For the next two weeks we will eat miso soup and maybe some rice for dinner. Look at it as kind of a purge diet that tastes really good. I used to hate miso soup, but Matt makes mine special by not adding any wakame or tofu. This is what tonight’s dinner looked like:


Steamed rice with furikake and miso soup with enoki mushrooms, bean sprouts, daikon, negi, and shishime. Matt added wakame to his. We also have different types of mushrooms and potatoes to use this week for some variety. Hopefully I’ll get Matt to get a little wild and add some fish in my soup. I love flaky fish in miso soup.

And to prepare for our upcoming trip, we watched a selection from this collection of Miyazaki films that Andrew bought for us a few years ago. Miyazaki


See food? January 24, 2009

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I love going to the Korean grocery store. This is my first post using iPhone photos.



This is how I cook. January 23, 2009

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sous chef

I like order and symmetry.
I think I would make a good sous chef.
I wonder if Food Network is hiring.