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I forgot a Christmas post! December 31, 2008

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It’s been a crazy week. Here are a few fun shots from Christmas day:


Why do these photos of Andrew and Chad look exactly the same?


Matt was always hiding from the camera.


Our carpets are clean.

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Finally. Matt and I love our new vacuum from my parents:


dirt from our house

This was the dirt from the whole house–and it was emptied half way through. YUCK! But YAY!
Our old vacuum paled in comparison, poor thing (I thought Hoovers were good, Glen!):

two vaccuums

OK, now everyone has to take their shoes off when they come over–no exceptions! We love our clean carpets! (Clean=everything but the permanent stains.)

Side note: this is the most excited I’ve ever seen Matt when it comes to cleaning. Double points.


Camera Family Tree December 29, 2008

So here’s the scoop. In 2003, Matt and I bought our very first digital camera. This camera served us well through thick and thin but recently it has shown its age. In a panic, a few months ago, I bought a cheapo camera as a backup but didn’t feel like spending the money on a memory card, so this camera only held 17 photos at a time. I asked for a memory card for this camera for Christmas, got it, but included was a brand new very beautiful camera and mini HD video camera! I am the luckiest gal in the world. So, I now introduce my extended camera family.

My first-born, the Nikon Coolpix 5900:

This image was taken with the Canon Powershot SD1100.

My middle child, the emergency Fuji Finepix that now holds 1000+ photos (and by the way I found mine for a lot cheaper than this is advertised for):

Also taken with the Canon Powershot

The new additions, The Canon Powershot and Kodak Zi6 video camera:

Kodak and Canon
This image taken with the Fuji

And, finally, a photo taken by my oldest, and most well-traveled, camera child:



I put an away message on my phone today. December 22, 2008

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I was at work but the construction right next door made it impossible for me to talk on the phone for half of the day. And it smells.

This one is funny–at the end my coworker walks by and says “Oh gosh, poor thing!”


PLBC December 20, 2008

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shopping cart
The new shiny shopping carts in all of the stores run by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.


Holiday Letter 2008

I always said I would write one of these but never did. Now I can, sustainably, with no postage. And, there are links! I love web design for dummies.

So 2008 was quite a year. Matt and Erin celebrated their first anniversary in April and this second year is just flying by (that’s a good thing, right?). They both got settled into their relatively new jobs this year, just in time for the “economic crisis.” Erin never knew that loss of state funding could affect universities! But students still study abroad, and people still buy wine, so they are both still in business for now.

On February 21, our family was suddenly in mourning over the loss of my mother’s mother, Mary “Nannie” Keough. Nannie had been living in Philadelphia for a few years and had grown to love her home and her friends here. One day, fairly suddenly, Erin was called away from work and got to Nannie with her mom and dad. Erin told her mom, “Tell Nannie she has to wait for Andrew–Andrew’s not here yet!” Her mom did, and Nannie did. Andrew arrived, and a few minutes later, she died. As hard as this was for our family, she is happy where she is–with her husband, Jim (Pop-pop), which was where she wanted to be since his death 6 years earlier. We held a beautiful memorial service for Nannie at the chapel in her home in Philadelphia, and another at St. Michael’s Church in Penn Yan in August.

Because Matt works in wine, we take advantage of this to its full extent and went to California wine country in March for a long weekend. Visions of real estate danced in our heads, only to be dashed by the prices. But, in two years, we’ve made it there twice (all tax deductable) so let’s hope we make that a trend.

Matt continued to book gigs around Philadelphia for his taiko group, Kyo-daiko, which he helped found. Erin continued her side job of making jewelry–mainly custom orders but some online sales as well. We also have been very busy around the house–Matt dry-walled a ceiling for the first time (with the help of our fathers) and we had a garden that produced a grape vine, a jungle of tomatoes, and other various herbs. Erin discovered her love of gardening and everything that goes along with it (weeding became Erin’s stress management program after work during the summer). Our future goal is to be 100% sustainable from our back yard garden.

The summer was also filled with Phillies Games (World Champs!); farm markets; taking care of Erin’s parents’ cat during their July in Friday Harbor (this year we will visit!); visiting Matt’s family out in Pittsburgh and Central PA; Matt’s mom’s retirement and permanent move to Pittsburgh; watching our friend Susan win a gold medal in Beijing; and birthdays.

Erin was able to get a few more stamps in her passport this year. Work sent her to Montreal and London and a friend sent her to the Dominican Republic for her wedding. The past few months have gone too quickly. Soon, Matt and Erin will be visiting her parents in Japan, where they will be living from January through April. We are excited for another happy and healthy holiday season, and wish the same for you and your families.


OK, here are the lame photos I took. December 18, 2008

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(WeeMo–from the post below)

This was the band at the birthday party–all covers, which I actually enjoyed, but a bit to loud for a luncheon with family.

The last party we went to was at a brownstone mansion at Rittenhouse Square (I Zillowed it–worth at least 1.1 mil):

Matt eating

There was a Mardi Gras theme with catered dinner and desserts. Heaven.

That’s all I got.