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Thanksgiving! November 28, 2008

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving at my parents’ house and we ate a lot and all day. It was a delicious and relaxing day.

Mom and Andrew What should we eat? Nice poses!

PedicureMom did my nails! Normal Thanksgiving activity, right?

AndrewMomMattErin and MomEveryone’s a chef!

Andrew's foodbeansstuffingtableMom&DadThanks, Mom and Dad! Great Thanksgiving!


Early Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh November 24, 2008

Matt and I went to Pittsburgh this past weekend to visit his family. We had lots of fun and food! It was freezing but we stayed warm in all of the various farm markets we went to. I think we bought food at each one to make our Thanksgiving lunch on Sunday!

Shenot Farm Marketfudgebrussels sproutsMattsquashSorgelturkey

We went in some gift shops, too. This one had bees inside and it scared the living daylights out of me.

gift barnbees

I don’t think it got above freezing on Saturday (hence the icicles) but some crazy ducks were swimming.


I stayed warm in my sleeping-bag coat. More later in another post.


Buck up, Pennsylvania! November 20, 2008

Governor Ed Rendell says, “No whining!”


What’s cooler than being cool? November 19, 2008

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(Our dusty thermometer–I wish I had wiped it off first. It’s from our demo work, not regular dust. I’m not that dirty.)


Prop 8 Protests November 16, 2008

On Nov. 15th, there were organized protests against Proposition 8 all around the country. The weather and my fever prevented me from going to the one at City Hall in Philadelphia, but here are some images, articles, and blogs from yesterday:

Weezer in Los Angeles

Escondito, CA

SheWired Los Angeles

Join the Impact, Boston

Pasadena, City Hall photos

Protest in Boulder, CO

Join the Impact Flickr site

Philadelphia youtube video


Hulu November 15, 2008

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Andrew just told me about the Hulu website and I found this gem:

Natalie Portman Raps on SNL


I knew it…. November 13, 2008

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Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!
You drink everyone under the table.