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For the History Books October 30, 2008

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And my own virtual log of the Phillies win, a list of stories and articles.

Phillies relish first World Series title in 28 years

Sports Illustrated


Philadelphia finally gets another title


After waiting two days, Philadelphia wins second championship

After painful wait, Phillies win World Series

I will keep adding to this…and I hope none of the links go bad.

Yay Phils!


No words. October 29, 2008

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I cried in ’93 and I’m crying in ’08.


A look back to 1993. October 27, 2008

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I was 16 and I cried at that final Blue Jays home run.

My favorite:

Back when tobacco was still cool–that Vet outfield was stained!


Old Crow Medicine Show vs. Mighty Mighty Bosstones October 24, 2008

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Why does my mind make these weird connections? Matt showed me this video last night from Old Crow Medicine Show and I thought, “They’re the country version of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones!” Take a look and compare (and it’s not just The Suits–there’s a similar aura and attitude):

I’m getting more ideas–I think two major similarities are the variety of instruments they play and the stage presence of the two bands.

(And is it true that the one guy in MMB just jumps around and that’s all he does?)


Do you think I have enough summer tops? October 22, 2008

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I don’t know. I think I need more. I started cleaning out my summer clothes last night. Every year I try to donate some of my old clothes to charity. And by old, I usually have clothes that are at least 5 years old that I am still wearing. This is a photo of my short-sleeved summer shirts. I’d estimate that about 80-90% of them were gifts from Mom. Thanks for keeping my closet stocked, Mom!

I organized these four piles from oldest to newest tops. Obviously, the shortest pile is the oldest. I am guessing that the oldest clothes date back to 1999-2001. The next oldest pile is from 2001-2003ish. The next pile was accumulated from around 2003-2006 and then the newest pile of tops is 2 years old or less. These are all guesses but I know that I have tops from 1999. I usually organize my shirts in the following categories: work, graphic Ts, old Ts I do yard work in, shirts for going out at night, Ts for just going out on a weekend (daytime). I think that’s it–I may be forgetting a category or two.


State of the garden in Fall October 19, 2008

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We’ve had some good ole fall weather lately, so the garden is changing and we are preparing for winter.

Remember these bushy flowers than ran wild all summer?

Obviously they love to propagate, and seeded to create tons of tiny ones in the pots they used to be in:

So I tried replanting some to see if I an keep some alive through the winter for next year. I’m not very optimistic. If anyone wants a seedling, let me know!

The lavender has spread as well:

Anyone want some sage? If anyone can tell me what to do with this, please give me ideas. I’ve already dried a whole bunch. I don’t want to waste the rest.


John Cleese on Sarah Palin

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I stole this youtube video from Andrew but it’s way too funny to keep to myself!