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Cheap Home Decorating September 25, 2008

Matt and I decided to experiment with fall decorating on a basically non-existant budget. Here are some of our ideas!

We had some old wine crates (these are also covering a broken baseboard!) and filled them with some of our empty wine bottles. The flowers are from our hydrangea bush and the vase was a gift from Matt’s Dad. The orange/brown glass candle holder was a gift from Anita.

I loved dried flowers, so I decided to hang some of our herbs from the garden on our buffet to dry. I think they look rustic and pretty–and they smell good. These are bunches of lavendar, purple basil, and sage.

On our side table, all of these vases and glassware are from our grandmothers. The flowers are all from our gardens.

We put these flowers in various locations around the house. The pitcher is very old from a market I got in London many years ago and it is filled with basil from the herb garden. The other “vase” is actually a decanter that Andrew and Chad gave to us one year and it is filled with cut-offs from our bean vines that flower.

These are the only items that we recently (a few months ago) spent money on. Vintage copper pots from a store called Material Culture. These were extremely inexpensive–I think all three may have cost $15. Matt hung these in our kitchen.

The other ideas we had were putting some herbs in a vase in the bathrooms and putting up some of our old framed photos/pictures in the bathrooms to spruce them up a bit.

We’re becoming much more creative! Let me know if you have any other cheap decorating ideas!


8 Responses to “Cheap Home Decorating”

  1. Mom Says:

    I like your experiments…I really like the herbs hanging from the cupboard!

  2. Adina Says:

    Very timely post given the horrific state of the economy. I also really like your herbs. The wine boxes are a great idea as well. You could also try mounting them to the wall to make wall displays out of them.

  3. Laura Says:

    I think it all looks lovely. I was admiring your milkglass dish. I’m surprised it didn’t end up in my pocket at the end of the night. 😉

  4. Linda-Mom Says:

    Erin I love your fall decorating on a budget! And I’m so glad to see the vases together from My Mom,Nonnie and Nanna! Teary eyed looking at it! What a great idea to combine All the Grammas together! Love,Linda-Mom

  5. Judy Says:

    I loved what you did the vines and wine bottles. What a great to decorate with little or no budget. I found some great decorating ideas at Check it out.

  6. I also love deporting with flowers. In fact I have so many of them in my living room that my friends say that my home looks like a botanical garden 🙂 However, I have learned from this post that I can use wine bottles for decoration. My friend told me that mirrors are also nice and inexpensive methods of decoration. I am going to try the wine bottles. Thanks for the post.

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  8. Winepine Says:

    I love what you did with the wine crates! Thank you for sharing.

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