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It’s Harvest Time! August 31, 2008

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Our garden has grown a bit wild, so today we decided to start thinning our herbs and vegetables. The basil had flowered weeks ago and I had tons of leaves to work with, so naturally, I made pesto.

The first batch was mostly basil with some spinach to fill it out and make the color greener. I used two cups (packed) of basil and spinach leaves, 1/2 cup of olive oil, a handful of almonds (cheaper than pine nuts), 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese, and a pinch of salt and pepper. The process in photos, from start to finish, is below. Matt helped to cut the whole stalks and dodged the hundreds of bees and after I picked the leaves, I put the pretty flowers in a vase.

The second batch was a mixture of the purple basil and sage. It was…interesting. Not sure yet about the taste. The sage was so strong that I had to add a little extra olive oil and even about a tablespoon of honey. The color is much darker:


My “Old” Hollywood August 29, 2008

I was out with some coworkers tonight and we were on a topic of conversation that made me think of one of my favorite scenes from Empire Records (where Lucas, A.J., and Warren start headbanging). Luckily, other people shared my love of this “oldie” and I realized how old the movie was. It was one of Renee Z’s first hits; Anthony LaPaglia hadn’t even heard of CSI; and Robin Tunny hadn’t discovered witchcraft. Then I picked up the most recent issue of People at the train station (I never buy magazines unless I am desperate in an airport) and was horrified that I haven’t heard of half of the celebs shown. Just a few of the unknowns include Leighton Meester, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Alexa Vega. Since when did I not know who was in the new summer blockbuster or that so and so did not get bathing-suit ready this year? Who are these people and why do I not know who they are and who they were dating 3 months ago? And why are The Jonas Brothers everywhere? At least I know who they are (only because they performed once on Dancing with the Stars and I did not enjoy the performance). So again I ask: Why are The Jonas Brothers everywhere?

Addendum: I just found this hilarious montage, for you Empire Records and Bon Jovi fans.


Christopher Walken for President? August 26, 2008

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Is this a joke?


Brad Pitt Knew

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He knew back in 12 Monkeys that to boost the economy we needed a stimulus payment–watch for it:


Old City, Philadelphia August 24, 2008

Matt and I really made our rounds tonight in Old City. Tuesday was his birthday so we spent today down town going to various drinking/eating establishments and to the movies. Luckily, our parents basically funded this outing (thanks parents!) through birthday gifts (cash) and since Matt and I never really want material things, we bought movie tickets and food! It was a great day and now at 12:45 I am too excited to sleep.

We got down town and dropped our wine off at Bistro 7 where we had dinner reservations later in the evening. Bottle Shock was playing at the Ritz East but we had some time to kill so we got refreshing beverages first.

The move was amazing. Based on a true story and scarily inspiring (especially because Matt’s grape vine is doing really well in our back yard). Everyone, please call Matt “Farmer Matt” whenever you see him from now on.

After the movie we stopped at Beneluxx because we had some time before our dinner reservation. Beneluxx is housed in the old SoMa dance club building (sad that SoMa is gone, but Beneluxx is more my speed now), the establishment provides a variety of tasting items, specializing in wine. cheese, beers, and chocolate. Since we were eating dinner soon, we just sampled a couple of wines and cheeses. They bring your samplers in cute little scientist beakers and provided self-cleaning glass mechanisms at the table.

I don’t even know if I can comment on the food right now because every single dish was perfect. I’ll just post what we ordered, and photos (usually bad ones, since I hate using the flash inside of restaurants).

Green Vegetable Gazpacho with Lemon Cured Salmon, Crème Fraîche and Pickled Vegetables

Wild Burgundy Escargot stewed in Fennel Pernod Cream with Tiny Sourdough Croutons (Matt tried escargot for the first time. I declined.)

Olive-Oil Poached Rabbit Rillette with Avocado and Pickled Baby Carrots

Herb Roasted Striped Bass Filet over Saffron-Scented Mussels Stew with baby arugula, Israeli couscous, yellow pear tomatoes and basil aioli

Crispy, Slow-Roasted Pork Belly Glazed with Honey, Lavender and Peach Gastrique with roasted peaches, French green lentil pilaf and mâche greens

Vanilla Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Lemon Jelly and Summer Berry Terrine

We caught the last train back home feeling very satisfied and happy.


The Aliens Have Landed August 22, 2008

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In our backyard.

I was gardening after work today (my therapy) and while I was thinning our massive tomato plants, I found this guy hanging out!

If anyone knows what kind of larvae this is, please tell me!


I’m pretty sure this is a “tomato hornworm” that will eventually ruin our tomato plants! Maybe I should just put him in a bowl and keep him as a pet. Here is the page I found on this species.


Sake Cups (kiki-joko) August 21, 2008

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I haven’t posted in a while. My brain has basically been working triple-time at work so as soon as I get on the train to come home, it shuts off.

Tonight Matt got a free bottle of sake at work and we decided to have some with dinner. Matt used to have a little sake glass but when we moved, I broke it while I was unpacking some dishes. I felt so awful that I found some real sake glasses online and bought two for him. We hardly ever use them but I think they are so cool.

The significance behind the “kiki-joko” is that the white ceramic helps the taster judge the color and the blue rings at the bottom help to judge the clarity of the sake. If you look in at the sake and you see some fuzziness in bottom of the cup, there might be a problem with the clarity of the sake (at least, that’s what Matt told me).