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H-Mart July 26, 2008

The new H-Mart (formerly know as Ha Nah Reum) has been finished for a while and Matt and I finally to to try the new food court last night with the boys and Adina. What fun! Too many delicious-looking choices for under $10.

I got the beef fried rice platter for $6.99 plus tax. It was very good and the extras included egg drop soup, pickles, and a black bean sauce. Everything was a bit salty, but since I love over-salting, it was just right for me.

Chad got the Omulette Rice:

Andrew got Ton-Katsu and probably the largest slab of meat I’ve ever seen on a plate:

Adina got the Bento Box, including tempura, miso soup, and a bunch of pickled stuff:

Matt got Kimbap and ramen (not pictured):

I loved the signage. I wonder how much the “Joy” would cost? And I must go back when the “U”-ddle bar is open.

After we dinner we did some quick shopping downstairs for snacks.

Matt and his youkan:

I always love trips to H-Mart but it will always remain Ha Nah Reum in my mind.


Garden Update: we have red! July 24, 2008

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Finally our tomatoes are turning red! Our garden(s) are also getting a little out of control. I’ve already pulled out some herbs that went to seed, and we prune back the tomato plants almost every day, and still the plants keep a’growin’.

Bursting from the seams!

What do you think–is the lavender taking over? And maybe the sage, too? Pretty soon the mint will also be competing for space! We had no idea!!

The bees love our garden.

Matt is training the grape vine to wrap its cute little tentacles around horizontal pieces of twine:

And in the back we have a tropical jungle:

My favorite part–the mint I use for my minty ice water!


The Dark Knight: a character discussion July 21, 2008

**Before reading, beware of spoilers!**

Yesterday, to escape the heat, Matt and I went to the movies to see The Dark Knight. I’ll make this short and sweet.

Heath Ledger (The Joker): amazing. Amazing, amazing. He delivered humor with the right amount of tension, pity, and disgust. A far better joker than Jack.
Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent/Two-Face): Took this role and ran with it. It was my favorite character of his yet. The forshadowing of the major change his character would go through was so subtle (to people like me who didn’t know the full story of Batman) and he got it just right. He was a tragic hero.
Gary Oldman (Lt. James Gordon): I always love him. I think his role may have had the least amount of dimensions but you could tell that at his core, he was a decent human being trying to do the right thing for his city and his family.
Christian Bale (Batman): What can I say about Christian Bale? I’ve followed his career since Empire of the Sun, through Swing Kids, up to his current super hero status. In this film, I felt that he almost played a lesser role in order to create an in depth portayal of Gotham City’s many levels. Batman was always the driving force and the catalyst, but his was the character I noticed the least on screen.
Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox): Always Morgan Freeman, always level-headed, sly, and brilliant. I wish I could find this line he says that perfectly encapsulated his performance, but for some reason, the entire script to the film is nowhere online! Hmmm.
Maggie Gyllenhaal (Rachel Dawes): The one female character among the men, she held her own and came across strong and caring, yet cycnical and calm. Although her major agenda was to “create” Two-Face, she was the one character who was able to break through Batman’s tough exterior and bring out some emotion (other than rage).

It’s a great film–long, but kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.


Poets and Pirates July 20, 2008

Anita had a free floor ticket to Kenny Chesney’s “Poets and Pirates” tour today and she asked me to go with her. I never pass up a free concert but the only way I could identify the people in this tour were “Wasn’t he married to Rene Zellweger for a month?” and “Oh cool–that’s Nicole Kidman’s husband!” or “He used to be in Van Halan–I hope he sings Jump!” So I had no idea what I was getting into. I love Sugarland. I love The Wreckers. I even love Shania Twain. Friends in Low Places is always fun as is Sweet Home Alabama. But drawing the line between country, pop country, classic rock country, and others, is always so hard for me.

These are a few things that I noticed at the show. The show really was amazing, by the way. We got there at 4:00, 30 minutes after it was supposed to start, and people were already wasted in the “Tailgating Only” parking lots. We left at 10:30 and Kenny Chesney was about half way through his set. Anyway, things I noticed at a country show:

1. Country singers can actually sing. Really well. Continuously. They can also play really cool instruments really well. And most of them are very good looking.
2. Country music fans love to dance, but don’t necessarily know how to dance well (this is one area I felt I belonged).
3. Lots of pregnant women go to country shows. From the back, most of them don’t look pregnant but once they turn around you’re like “Whoah! She could pop that sucker out in between “How do I Live Without You” and “Can’t Stop the Moonlight.”
4. Many domestic disputes are started and resolved at these shows. This needs a sub-list.
A) A mother-daughter pair was there. The mother got fall-down drunk. Her daughter looked 14. The daughter had to ask her to sit and behave herself while the mother called her a bitch who didn’t know how to have fun. Then she rummaged through her daughter’s bag for her Newports and left for a smoke break.
B) There was an inevitable fight over a girl. The drunk boyfriend tried to start a fight by hitting the other guy a few times in a row. The guy didn’t bite so the boyfriend ran away. All of a sudden, at the end of the show, everyone loved each other again.
C) A poor woman there with her husband was abandoned as soon as they got there. She was very pregnant, he was very drunk. He would check in once an hour to see how she was. “Seeing how she was” was usually groping her a little and pulling her hair. The fans sitting around her actually felt pity and would bring her a water whenever they went for their beer refills.
5. Like Phish fans, country music fans like beach balls–lots of them.
6. Country music fans wear their cowboy boots in 98 degree weather.
7. Country music is so awesome. I hate not being able to sing along when everyone else knows the word. But I usually caught on half way through the songs because the lyrics weren’t very complex.
8. Country singers like to sing about drinking, God, Jesus, their women (but not in a demeaning way), singing, praying, family, whiskey, beer, the summertime, and the good ole days.
9. If you don’t know a song, just listen closely to a couple of verses and then you can sing along fine. Wait–I just said that. That’s because it’s really true.
10. Is there a ten? I also saw the fun side of these events. People make friends with strangers. People take care of complete strangers. The performers can put on a quality music show.

I did take a few camera photos because I forgot to try to smuggle my camera in. This is what you get:

The opener, Gary Allan, who sounded strangely like Bon Jovi:

Gary was pretty good and pretty cute:

This guy was a Kenny Chesney poser (we only knew this because the true fans sitting next to us told us). But I took a picture anyway:

But a lot of the fans were fooled:

Leann Rimes is adorable and sings so freakin well. And she donned an Eagles jersey in the middle of her set:

Keith Urban completely surpassed my expectations. The singing was crazy good and so were his guitar skills. Just very impressive. And gorgeous:

Sammy Hagar performed between Leann and Keith but I didn’t want to waste my photos on him. Kenny Chesney, the headliner, was actually not our cup of tea, so we only stayed through half of his set and left early.

But seriously, folks. Those country music fans love to drink, fight, sing, dance, and they are passionate about everything. It was fun but completely exhausting. I’d do it again, but the next time, I want to be able to sing along.


Passports July 15, 2008

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I got my new passport in the mail this week (I had to change my name on it for my trip to London in September) and I realized that I’ve had 4 passports in 23 years. Every time I had to get a new one I hated giving up the old. I love looking through them, remembering trips I took. The one I had from 1996-2006 was my favorite–it was almost full–I look through that one the most! My first one is hanging on my wall in pieces (it’s blurry on purpose):

My mom got this made, and one for my brother, for Christmas a couple of years ago–isn’t it such a cool idea?

I do not like my new passport. Each page is covered in “patriotic” scenes of the U.S. But I find it rather embarrassing and gaudy. Thanks, State Department.


D’backs: 10 Phillies: 4 July 12, 2008

Ugh. The fantastic fightin’ Phils are in first place but of course they had to lose miserably today. To add salt to the wound, the game was supposed to be at 7:05 but because (stupid) Fox wanted to air the game, they changed the game time to 3:55. In the middle of this weekend’s 90+ degree heatwave. Matt was a good sport–I gave him a hat and we drank beers. I took lots of pictures.

Citizens Bank Park:

The start of the game:

I’m still happy because the game hasn’t started yet:

I always seem to have the zoom on when I try to take self-portraits of us and then I do OK:

They had a free Hot Tamale and Mike & Ike giveaway–we stuffed my bag:

The fans.

Philadelphia sports fans are awesome. I love them. I can yell and heckle and say “Take him out!” when a pitcher is sucking and no one cares.

I loved this shot–especially the guy with the 2007 jersey:

Ashburn Alley:

This klassy girl had on a wife beater and bright red bra:

Adorable kid fan! My dad started taking me to games when I was about four, so I love seeing little kids who are excited about the games!

Then the game started. It was a nightmare!! Here was the scoreboard early on (yes, the D’backs got 8 runs in the 4th inning):

It was Randy Johnson vs. the Phils. Johnson has been pitching for a million years. He’s known in Philly for throwing a fastball over the head of Phillies 1st baseman John Kruk at the 1993 All-Star Game in Baltimore. Randy pitched really well, and then actually got a double and hit in two runs–before this he had a .095 batting average. Awesome. Here are some shots of Johnson at bat and on second base:

The game drove me to drink:

And stretch and get antsy and angry:

But, there’s always the Phanatic and Phanovision to keep people happy and distracted from the game!

I have no idea what the knights were doing there. But guess who else was there? Caitlin’s husband JP–Photobucket–so hysterical!!
(Check out Caitlin’s awesome website here.)

I love the Kissing cam:

Our trash after the game:

The final score was 10-4. So sad. Here are the disappointed fans walking to the subway after the game–at least we had company:



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Matt and I went to Morimoto last night for dinner. We decided to try the omakase tasting menu and it was delicious! I don’t have time for a full review right now but I’ll post some photos (bad–I refuse to use a flash in a dark restaurant).

The nondescript entrance–when it first opened a few years ago I tried to find it and it’s really easy to miss, especially in the day time:

Some interior shots–our lamp in the middle of the table was…interesting. I really wanted a good shot of the bamboo ceilings and the walls–you can kind of see them.

I only took a few photos of food. This was our favorite dish: soba boiled in green tea with bacon, scallops, apple, edamame, and Parmesan cheese. So wrong, but so right.

Dessert was a flourless dark chocolate cake with white chocolate mouse with some toasted rice on top. The sauces were white and black miso. I was a huge fan of the cake but the miso along with it just tasted strange. Matt loved the combo, so I guess it all depends on your palate.

Then, of course, I had to sneak downstairs (where the bathrooms were, so I guess I wasn’t really sneaking) to get a peak of the private omakase room. The bathroom was pretty cool, too:

Again with the lamps–what is up with those things??