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Since I’ve Been Gone May 30, 2008

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I have so much to catch up on since I’ve been away for a week! First I’ll start with the garden. Matt did a pretty good job of keeping everything alive. 😉 Here’s a photo update:

Our roses are out of control! Matt and I decided that we’ll just let them grow and it will be our natural home security system. Like the azalea I hacked up? That’s an unfinished project. I love experimenting with gardening.


Memorial Day May 28, 2008

I am in D.C. this week for a conference, and since Virginie lives here, Anita and I came on Saturday to visit and do touristy stuff! We had a great time–saw all of the memorials, Rolling Thunder, and relaxed. Here are some photos.

This one meant a lot to me that day:

Pop-pop, I also thought a lot of you that day. Love, Erin


The Swell Season May 22, 2008

I think that I have finally semi-recovered from The Swell Season concert on Tuesday at the Tower Theater. It was honestly the best concert I’ve ever been to–and I’ve been to my fair share of great concerts (Madonna in 2006 and Janet Jackson in Tokyo come to mind….). The Swell Season has amazing talent and genuine passion for music. Philadelphia was the last stop on their tour so they asked the audience if they didn’t mind if they played a little longer than usual. The ticket says 8:00. The opening act, Interference (they made an appearance in Once), came on at 8:15. They played until 9:00. The Swell Season came on at 9:30 and played until 11:50 (!!!). As great as the concert was, my parents, Matt, and I, on a Tuesday night, were feeling the wear and tear on our bodies. We were exhausted as we left the theater, but my mom found out where the after party was by making friends with one of the security guards. For future reference, if you go to the Tower for a show, there is a bar called The Waterford on the side street next to it, and this is where fans wait to see the acts. We almost stayed to see Glen and Marketa, but when we saw a delivery guy stop with tons of pizza, we figured they wouldn’t be ready to greet people for a while. So we headed home. I was too pumped up and excited and did not sleep a wink that night.

Just a couple of comments:

1. The Tower is a funny venue. If you get orchestra seats, try not to sit too far back. There are no doors, so if you sit near the entrances, you will hear every noise that is made in the lobby.

2. The lobby is like a bar. People can stand there and drink and watch the show on TV screens. So there was a lot of noise.

3. The Swell Season shows, along with other acts, are available to download on this amazing site:
Played Last Night
I’m going to cry when Tuesday’s show is available.

I think that’s it for now. I cried a couple of times during the show and I think I’m still processing it.

Oh–I found this really cool blog when I Googled the Tower:



Constructing new ceilings May 19, 2008

I won’t go into detail, but on Sunday, Matt and our dads destructed and started constructing our second floor ceiling. It was such a bigger job than I had thought. The men did 95% of the work and I spent 3 hours cleaning last night. I cleaned more when I got home. I don’t think the dust and grime will ever be gone. Here are some photos–I took a lot (and I think they are out of order). Enjoy!


I have a regular gig! May 16, 2008

My local Whole Foods is hosting a “Local Market” on the first Sunday of the month from June-October, and they invited me to participate! The first market will be on June 1 and it looks like it will be a lot of fun:

* The following vendors will have an 8’ table, table cloth, and space under the big tent provided by Whole Foods Market: Kelli Dietrich, From the Garden, Jlove Jewlery, Alice Dougherty, Occasions to Savor, Simple Bangles, Creole Soul, Poo Paw, Naturally Neil, Helen’s Pure Foods, Nature’s Inspirations, Farview Farm, Bucks County Preserves, Blackstone Studio, The Natural Baker, and Abington Art Center.

* We will have a grand opening ceremony at the first market (June 1st at 10am) with a bread breaking ceremony. Special guest, State Representative Josh Shapiro, will be here to help cut the 5’ loaf of French bread.

* There will be live music, kids activities, and grilling at each market.


Yakuza and Human Rights May 15, 2008

Today is “Bloggers Unite Day” and in going with the theme of blogging on a human rights issue, I chose to post about the yakuza in Japan and an article I recently read. I’m stealing the article from my friend Miki (she posted on Facebook yesterday) about a gaijin (foreigner) writing about the Japanese Mafia (yakuza). It was so incredibly disturbing that it almost seems made up, but unfortunately I think it is very real. You can read the article here.

It brought back memories of a film I saw at a film festival in Tokyo call Dead or Alive. The first time I saw it, I couldn’t believe how absurd it was, and actually got a kick out of it. A few years later, I watched it with Matt and the two of us were disgusted.

Anyway–I love Japan and I loved living there and visiting, but I also think it’s important to know “what else” goes on below the surface and to expose the terrible acts against Children’s Rights.


I really do garden! May 12, 2008

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I’m always posting pictures of our gardening projects, and on Sunday I realized I wasn’t in any of them! I told Matt he had to take a picture of me gardening so that one day when I am old I can show my grandchildren. So, here’s me (and some of our Sunday projects).

The above photos are all taken by Matt. We now have a gnome (see previous post); a thriving grape vine, impatiens, marigolds, and lots of other flowers and plants I forget the names of. We also planted most of our seedlings into the raised beds.