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Obviously, white people like to study abroad February 28, 2008

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On the blog “Stuff White People Like” you can find very politically incorrect but very true information that many people may not want to admit is true. I was particularly interested in #72:

Unfortunately this speaks to a bigger issue and even though this post is funny, the accuracy is scary. I am constantly trying to diversify the groups of students who study abroad and the statistics (real ones) I’ve come up with are amazing. For example, it is true that white people prefer to go where other white people are (Western Europe, Australia, etc.). But Black students and Asian Americans will mainly choose to go to Asia and Africa because they are already used to being viewed as a minority in the U.S., so why not abroad?

Do the minority students end up having a more enriching experience just because of where they go? Or is it because they have planned better in terms of social acceptance and norms? It’s hard to say, and study abroad is an area that still remains a mystery to me sometimes (even though I have worked in it for about 7 years).

The only thing I DO know, is that even if the experience wasn’t substantial while the student was there, when they return, the re-entry process may educate the student even more than their time overseas.


Urban Dictionary February 26, 2008

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This is so horrible, yet so funny:

Urban Dictionary

I’m wondering if I should make up my own definition 😉


I have an AD! February 25, 2008

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Simple Bangles has an ad! Check it out:

My friend Jacob designed it for me (it’s his website, too, so you should read everything on it).


Falling Slowly wins Oscar

The only part of the Academy Awards I cared about last night was seeing Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova perform “Falling Slowly” from Once but I never expected them to win–I was so excited I cried a little! Here is a video, including their performance and speeches:


Chad’s birthday February 24, 2008

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Tonight we went to Andrew and Chad’s for Chad’s birthday. They made a delicious Indian feast and I made my first gluten-free recipe (samosas) ever for Deb and I think they turned out pretty well! Of course, I forgot to take a picture of them but if you want the recipe, let me know. I did take a picture of Chad and some of his gifts, which include Yogi Tea, the best tea ever.


And speaking of tea, Andrew and Chad have a whole cabinet that just has tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and mugs in it. I was so impressed and jealous!



Italian Mafia and Irish Gangs

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I was going through some old photos with my mom today of the Farinellis and the Keoughs (Nannie and Pop-pop’s families). A total riot. Nannie’s family portraits look like the Italian mob and my Pop-pop’s Irish family all looks like the Gangs of New York. I’ll be including some of these photos over time but here are two that my mom let me take home today (photos of photos–no scanner in the Palmer household).


This is a picture of my Nannie’s parents on their honeymoon in 1914. Beatrice and Costanzo Farinelli.


These are some of the Keoughs in the 30s. My Pop-pop is holding the dog. He had 6 brothers and 1 sister. WOW!! The gang photos started a few years later. 🙂

And I found these from the Ellis Island website, which are so unbelievable:




Nannie’s Rosary Bracelet February 22, 2008

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I made my very first rosary bracelet today. I had never really heard of these before someone asked me to make a few for her, and I just think they are very pretty and, now especially, very meaningful. I am going to give this bracelet to Nannie next Saturday at her service. I hope she likes it.