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Magic Flute vs. Fifth Element January 20, 2008

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Those of you who know me know that I connect the most random things together some times. Well, this would be one of those times. I heard this aria from Mozart’s The Golden Flute in college and then watched the Fifth Element, one of my faves, where the diva somehow managed to remind me of the aria. Maybe I’m crazy (like Matt tells me lovingly) but I can’t help but associate the two with each other:

This is Mozart’s aria:

This is from The Fifth Element. More modern, but similar:

I love both productions. Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element makes me like that one just a bit more (and also the amazing supporting cast).


2 Responses to “Magic Flute vs. Fifth Element”

  1. Gary Viscum Says:


    It is so funny I found your blog. I am doing a reseach paper on Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven and I was listening to the MAgic Flute, and I had the ame thought you did, it reminded me of the scene in The Fifth Element. Anyway I googles the two and up came your blog. I hope you do not mind, but I am going to use those two clips in a presentation I have to do for the paper. I thought it was funny how we had the same thought listening to the same piece of music.

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