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America actually got it right November 28, 2007

I’ll admit it.  I watched Dancing with the Stars for a second year in a row.  I was sucked in last year when Apolo Anton Ohno was one of the stars and thus the addiction began.  I became disheartened this year when a certain outspoken and disillusioned “entertainer” and doll-maker kept getting voted through and ended up getting enough votes for a slot in the top three couples.  Before the finale last night I had bouts of panic and my confidence rating in the intelligence of the American people kept dropping lower than it had ever been before. 

But America pulled through last night.  Julianne and Helio earned their well-deserved mirror-ball trophy, the doll-maker came in third, and all was right with the world.

Now let’s see if America can pull through again next year when it comes time to voting in the presidential election.  One can hope.

Julianne and Helio’s award-winning quickstep:


6 Responses to “America actually got it right”

  1. rhbee Says:

    I, too, was worried that fandom would trump dancing but you are right the votes worked out so that the two dancers left standing actually were equally deserving. I would have been happy with either Helio or Max. What I really like about this show is how it does seem to be real. The dancers and the judges do interact as people who care about each other and in the final analysis the pettiness that some times stalks a dance competition doesn’t appear to come into play. I think one reason for this is that the originators of the show have created an outlet for the dancers to continue on in the travelling show. And another reason is that the fans of the show seem honest in their appreciation of the effort that the competitors put into becoming better dancers.

  2. Dancing with the Stars . . .

    concluded another great season last night with Helio outlasting Mel B by just enough voter’s strength to take it all.  T. and I were on the edge of our seats with worry that the sympathy vote for Marie would out weigh the dance vote but the jud…

  3. erinp Says:

    Thanks for your comments!

    I am relieved and can’t wait to hear who is slated to dance next season (now that I don’t have to boycott the show!).

  4. Lynn Angela Pisco Says:

    I thought it was going to be Marie Osmond and Jonathan not to be in third place because on what just happened during their previous ” freestyle ” dance when Marie had to dress up as a doll maker in which I have to admit it was difficult to do all of those flips and everything else but it’s seems that these judges doesn’t get it right in the first place . I rather see both of them doing something else in mind that will totally surprise each one of them off their feet and let Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts stayed during in the final moment of their lives being the next ” Dancing With The Stars ” Champion again Helio but it didn’t . Oh well maybe next season if her brother Donny or perhaps Marie will continue to do it again hey it might happen who knows two siblings who can entertained by millions of fans world wide and managed to steal their votes as well ! Come on now guys !

  5. adina Says:

    Hahaha, you crack me up. Not like I should talk, what with my obsessions with Top Chef and America’s Next Top Model. I want to stop watching reality TV, but I just can’t! AHHH!!!!

    I liked Jane Seymour– not because I thought she was particularly good, but mostly because she’s pretty old and I was impressed that she did so well considering that. Also, she’s aged really well and I also appreciate that.

  6. erinp Says:


    Top Chef
    Hells Kitchen
    Kitchen Nightmares
    Project Runway
    The Real Housewives of Orange County

    The list could go on and on. Reality TV rocks.

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