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Wine Warehouse November 25, 2007

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Matt made his first big sale to a wine distributor in North Carolina, so this weekend he had to go package it up and get it ready for the delivery truck.  I went to the warehouse with him to see what it was all about.  There are about 20 different Philadelphia-based distributors that use the space to store their products and this place was huge.  I had never seen so much wine and beer in one place.  I wandered around while Matt packaged the wine.  Here are some photos.

Matt showing off his section of the warehouse.

Cotes du Rhone!

Look at that–a 9 liter bottle of champagne!

Port from 1922.

I have got to try this stuff.

Salmon Run and Dr. Frank’s!


Matt starting his packaging.

The finished product.

These are some of Matt’s wines and sakes, if you are ever looking for something to buy:


The very unassuming warehouse and pallets out front.


3 Responses to “Wine Warehouse”

  1. caitlin Says:

    I am so jealous.

    hey did you know I have a new blog?

  2. adina Says:

    I wish we were allowed to have wine shipped to TN. I have a friend in NC though, so I’ve been shipping stuff to her house. Hopefully she and her fiance will have left me some by the time I come over to pick it up! So what exactly does Matt do? His job seems like fun.

  3. erinp Says:

    Hi Adina. Matt’s job isn’t always fun, but it is fun to talk about! He works for a small company that distributes wine and sake in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and they are expanding to other states, such as North Carolina. They basically wine from Europe and the U.S. West coast and sell it to restaurants and liquor stores.

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