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“Cracking the Whip” August 28, 2007

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Matt almost finished our back yard project on Saturday in the 100-degree weather.  He built the second bed, laid mulch, and took the extra dirt down the street to our neighbor Marie’s, house.  I was so proud of him.  My mom thought maybe I was cracking the whip but I swear that’s not true!  The whole time Matt was working outside, I was either cleaning the house or running errands.  We both stayed out of each others’ way and it worked perfectly.

 Now for some photos (I bet you are getting sick of backyard photos!

Above you can see the white stone face we nailed into the fence.  We’d like to get more decorations like that for the garden.

A close-up of the garden face.

Matt liked this photo–he thought it looked like the chair and the grill were having a “stand-off:”

This huge button mushroom keeps growing exponentially every day.  We’re not sure what to do with it!

It looks so good but I know we can’t eat it.  Our neighbors’ child and dog came over to visit after work and I was afraid they would both go after it.  Luckily,  I kept them away.


Lottery August 26, 2007

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Matt and I had never bought a lottery ticket before but since the jackpot was up to 300mil we decided to go crazy and buy one ticket.  It did not win.  Here is our losing ticket:



Summer birthdays!

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Today we celebrated Matt’s birthday (Aug. 19); my Mom’s birthday (also Aug. 19); and my Dad’s (Sep. 1).  Everyone came over to our house for dinner in the HEAT!  We tried to get it as cool as we could inside, and Matt even did some grilling outside for a while.  We tried to keep him company as best we could but the mosquitos and the heat drove us back in.

 Andrew and Chad are surgically attached to all of their high technology.  I think it’s so cute how they bring everything with them to show us various things they’ve found online, or different music they want to share. 

My Mom got a new phone and Andrew was giving her ring tones from his collection.

Then it was Chad’s turn to play.

Andrew gave my Mom his copy of Harry Potter–I hope she can read it before school starts or her students might give away the ending!

It’s always funny story after funny story at the Joslyn/Palmer get togethers!  I wish I had taken more photos.  We ate so much that we didn’t have time to play any games!  Next time we are having an ice-cream making and game night. 


Self-promotion at Helium August 21, 2007

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I have been writing for a website called Helium for a few months–so far I have 5 articles there, and I’ve earned 67 cents!!  These are the links to my articles:

Travel diaries: Adventures in Rural Ireland

Memoirs: Life

Cultural Experiences in Japan

Memoirs: True Karaoke Stories

Most Romantic Proposals

 Update!  As of today I have upped my earnings to $1.05–I’m rich!


My Exterminator August 17, 2007

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Matt tried to kill the cicada killers yesterday with spray foam we bought at Acker’s.  He sprayed three nests and then covered them with dirt.

Today we came home to find two new nests–one in the front yard and one in the back yard.  Needless to say, we are extremely frustrated.  We didn’t have any spray left tonight so we decided to water our back and front lawns since I read that the hornets love dry ground.

Matt decided he would take things one step further, and water down the nests directly.  I told him he was crazy.  He got attacked twice by the cicada killers and won the battle between both of them.  I stayed inside the whole time he was being reckless, as you can see by the screens in the photos:

I discovered a new setting on our camera:  dawn/dusk.  Look at the difference:


You know you’re addicted when…

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Today at work we had our end-of summer staff luncheon with a Rock-n-Roll theme that featured…karaoke!  My coworker, Jane, brought in her karaoke machine from home and we all rocked out for two hours.

By the end of the lunch there were only about 10 of us left and I said to someone, “You know you’re addicted to karaoke when you don’t really care how many people are there to listen to you sing, you just want to keep on going all day.”


Cicada Killers August 16, 2007

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We have swarms and nests of cicada killers in our front yard (I will post photos from another website below because I am too scared to take my own photos).  They appeared out of nowhere a few days ago and are terrorizing our front lawn.  I’ve actually seen them carry dead cicadas back to their nests, which are underground, and a few dead cicadas dropped on our front steps.

Matt sprayed 3 nests this evening and then  covered them with a lot of dirt, hoping to snuff them out.  About an hour later I was out front and I noticed one of the little buggers burrowing its way back underground where Matt had sprayed.  So we’ll see if we wake up tomorrow morning and find new burrowed nests. 

When I told the guys in Ackers what the problem was they said, and I quote, “Good luck with that.  You’ll never get rid of them.”  They really scare me–I’m nervous about walking up our front steps!

 This is what I found out about Cicada Killers online:

 This is what they look like:

This is what their nests look like:

This is a lovely fact taken from the University of Kentucky Entemology Department:

“The females search tree trunks and lower limbs for cicadas. The wasp stings its prey, turns the victim on its back, straddles It, and drags it or glides with it to the burrow. Each cell is furnished with at least one cicada (sometimes two or three) and a single egg before being sealed off. Two to 3 days later the egg hatches. Depending on the number of cicadas in its cell, the larva feeds for 4 to 10 days until only the cicada’s outer shell remains. During the fall, the larva spins a silken case, shrinks, and prepares to overwinter. Only one generation occurs each year. ”

I just think that everyone should be educated in case Cicada Killers decide to invade your home.

 Wish us luck!