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Walmart nightmare July 31, 2007

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I just came across this website.  Be warned–there are some disgusting photos of feet.  I am thoroughly apalled.



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So I took this quiz today.  Not sure if I agree with it….

You’ve Experienced 72% of Life

You have all of the life experience that most adults will ever get.
And unless you’re already in your 40s, you’re probably wise beyond your years.

Beautifying our yard July 30, 2007

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Ever since we had our new fence put in, we have had a mess in our back yard.  The fence created a huge pile of dirt that we didn’t know what to do with, and since we kept putting it off, a disgusting amount of weeds started growing and actually resembled a small forest at one point.  Matt and I finally decided to go to Lowes, our favorite place, and buy some wood railroad ties to retain the extra dirt.  I actually tried giving the dirt away through freecycle and craigslist but we still had a ton left over. 

It was raining yesterday until around 3:00 but we got our supplies from Lowes in the morning and started going to work after the sun came out. It felt really good to accomplish something, and although we are a long way from finished, it’s a start!  I discovered that it is much easier to weed right after it has rained!

Here are the two lawn bags we filled with weeds from the pile of dirt:

(We tried to get as much extra dirt in there as we could but the bags started to get suspiciously heavy after a while.)

Matt mulched the rose bush and our grape vine–I love how clean and tidy it looks!

And here is the dirt we still have left (with some leftover weeds).  Our plan is to make two 4×4 squares out of the railroad ties to contain the extra dirt, and then prepare the spots for planting next spring.


Warning! Harry Potter Spoilers inside! July 26, 2007

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I just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows last night.  I was a blubbering mess for about the last 100-150 pages of the book.  So much happened, a lot that I didn’t expect, but some that I had predicted already.  I knew all along that Snape was an OK guy.  Even though his intentions weren’t entirely honorable in protecting Harry throughout his time at Hogwarts, he was a true tragic figure and I cried for him the most out of anyone in the conclusion.  I think I can say that Snape has been my favorite major character through all seven books.  (My other favorites being Fred and George Weasley–so not cool that Fred dies–not cool, J.K.)

 Many people think that the epilogue was a cop-out but I really think it was just what the book needed.  It brought everything to a close and at the same time brought up some unanswered questions.  What does everyone do for a living (we learn that Neville is a professor but that’s it)?  Do Neville and Luna get married, which is what I am secretly hoping for?  Who does the young Ted Tonks live with after Lupin and Tonks get killed?  These and many other questions will just have to be answered by the imagination all of Harry Potter’s fans have.

Just a few of the book covers of The Deathly Hollows:

This is me attempting an Expelliarmusspell (haha)

I’m mostly sad that Harry Potter is over.  I can’t wait to read the series to my kids some day.  Matt and I were trying to decide how young they could be before we start!  We’re thinking by age three, they’ll be ready to hear about Harry!


Jeannie Got Married! July 22, 2007

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Jeannie and Jon got married on Saturday.  The wedding was a lot of fun and I even managed to make my Matron of Honor speech without panicking too much!  The hall was pretty dark so a lot of the reception photos didn’t turn out very well.  It was a great wedding and Jeannie and Jon looked so happy all night.

The bridal party all went to the salon to get beautified together.  Here’s Jeannie getting her makeup done:

Fake eyelashes!

Jeannie actually decided that these were a little too much for her so she switched to smaller ones. 

Danielle and Cindy:


Anita and me all ready for the photos.  At the last minute Jeannie convinced me to get my hair done, too.  It was a little poofy for my taste but it kind of flattened out by the end of the night.

My speech!  I must have edited the darn thing 4857 times.  Matt helped me write the final version on Friday as we were driving to Mendenhall for the rehearsal dinner.  Talk about last minute!


Anita and George gettin down.

Our fun flipflops.


Birthday with the Phillies July 15, 2007

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Matt asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday this year so of course I requested a Phillies game!  He planned the whole thing and even invited a few of my friends to come with us.  It was a beautiful day (I got very burned) and they actually won 10-4.  If they had lost it would have been fine with me because it would have been their 10,000th loss, a historical event!

Here is my name (and age) on the scoreboard:

Getting covered with confetti:

I love the Philly Phanatic.  Yesterday a little boy had a Phanatic costume on and he was so cute.  The real Phanatic had him get up on the dugout and dance with him:

I think I’d like to go to a Phillies game for my birthday every year!  But I don’t need the confetti!

After the game, Andrew and Chad came over with cake and ice cream.  They brought 4 different kinds of ice cream because they said they couldn’t decide.  (See Andrew’s blog for a photo.)  So now I have two different kinds of cake and two pints of ice cream to finish.  It’ll be tough!


30 July 13, 2007

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So I turned 30 yesterday.  I don’t have any photos to go along with this post, but I just wanted to make a quick comment about entering my 30s.  I don’t feel any different.  At all.  Maybe it’s because I have already gotten married and I own a house, I feel like most of my major “life changes” have happened.  I think I felt more traumatized when I turned 20 than I do now!  I think I’ve matured–maybe that’s why turning 30 isn’t effecting me very much.  Who knows.