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Welcome Honey! June 30, 2007

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My parents are going away for a month so Matt and I are taking care of their cat, Honey.  She is really old and a very sweet cat so we are excited to have her.  She does get a little worried in a new place, but she hasn’t been hiding under the bed the whole day–sometimes she will come out to explore!

My mom saying goodbye to Honey.

Honey hiding under the bed.

She’s out!


New screens on old windows

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We have 12 windows on our front porch and only 4 of them had screens in them.  The other 8 didn’t even open because they were painted shut.  Matt worked hard on two of them today and finally got them to open so he could put in new screens.  Now we have more breeze coming in to our porch.  We might try to put the other 2 new screens in tomorrow. 


Jeannie’s Big Wedding June 29, 2007

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My friend Jeannie is getting married on 7/21 and these are all of her bridesmaids!  I think her fiance will have even more groomsmen on his side. 

This picture was taken at her bachelorette party at Dewey Beach outside of Grottos.  The best part about Grottos was this beer cooler the waitress convinced us to get:

The 10 of us struggled to finish it.


I’m a Nosy Neighbor!

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I took the day off today so I was able to spy on my shady neighbors.  In the middle of the day, some police cars and vans showed up next door and stayed there for over an hour.  I really couldn’t figure out what was going on but I wasn’t surprised because my neighbors are kind of questionable!  At one point there were probably 5 police men out there.  I took these secret photos but I didn’t want to get caught so they aren’t that good. 


Trip to New Jersey June 24, 2007

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Today Matt and I went to New Jersey.  Why?  So that I could pick up a bridesmaid dress in Hoboken.  Luckily it fits and now I have to stay the same size for the next 4 weeks.  That errand only took about 15 minutes, so we decided to stop at our favorite grocery store, Mitsuwa, on the way back. 

Mitsuwa is a giant asian grocery store in north NJ that we go to once in a while to stock up on Japanese food.  Most of it is very pricey so it’s a treat for us.

Produce section:

Yes, this fruit really is ugly.

This fruit was slightly out of our budget.

So was the wasabi.  (You may not be able to see it but it was $99.99 per pound!)

Lots of rice cookers.

Hmmmm.  For some reason there was nothing we needed in this aisle.

Matt was checking out the shochu.

Wine made in Nagano, Japan.

Neither of us had ever seen anything like this.  A shrimp tempura onigiri. 

We were excited that the eating area had been redone and is so much nicer than it was before.  We had lunch and then got dessert at the Oishinbo shop.

Now we are home and we’re exhausted!


Seclusion! June 19, 2007

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Our new fence was put in yesterday and it’s wonderful! 

Now we just have to figure out what to do with that pile of dirt next to the fence!


Dewey Beach June 18, 2007

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My weekend in Dewey Beach was a lot of fun.  My friend Jeannie grew up in southern DE so she wanted to go back for old times sake.  On Saturday we went to dinner at Grottos Pizza and this was kind of nostalgic for me, too, because there was a Grottos on Main St. in Newark DE, where we went to college.  I remember late at night going to Grottos for their 2 for 2 special (2 slices of plain pizza for $2).  What a deal! 

After Grottos we went to the Starboard.  It reminded me a lot of the Stone Balloon in Newark. 

After the Starboard we went over to the Rusty Rudder.  They were playing great music so Danielle and I decided to request a song that we used to love in college.  C’Mon Ride the Train by Quad City DJs.  The DJ laughed at us and said everyone would leave the dance floor if he played it and he refused.  I beg to differ.